Abaca CRM

Abaca CRM enables your workforce to manage customer data, by compiling the entire data into one cohesive unit.

Abaca offers CRM software services that help in the effective management of your marketing and sales force to help them convert the pitches into real revenue. It enables the presentation of your products and services to customers and further the sale of the required products & services in a quick and efficient manner. The idea behind Abaca CRM is to capture all interactions with current and potential customers centrally and manage the pre-sales and post-sales cycle to ensure improved customer satisfaction, customer retention and increased sales.

  • Allocate leads automatically to field sales and manage the complete lifecycle of sale.
  • Convert the lead into an actual deal; create a customer and contact information automatically.
  • Track all the stages of the deal untill it is finally closed.
  • Automate internal and external processes for every step in the sales pipeline.
  • Track the revenue generated by a salesperson, team or department.
  • Forecast revenue pipeline for coming months, quarters and years.
  • Produce intelligent reports for improving sales.
  • Capture customers and contact data centrally.
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