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Abaca AIM™ (Artificial Intelligence Marketing) platform is a pioneering technology that can find your customers online and bring them to you using Al and Machine Learning. Optimize your Digital Spend and gain access to one tool for enhanced customer engagement and interactions. Automate your end-to-end advertisement and marketing strategy and streamline your buyer’s journey.

Drive-in High-Potential Leads
with AI-driven Technology

Abaca Digital AIM is the way forward. Leverage advanced technology and tools to acquire leads with a high conversion rate. Grow your clientele and business by enhancing your client management system. Using Artificial Intelligence you can target exact customer personas and rapidly identify the target audience for your products or services.

Step by Step Marketing

Trigger customer interactions using our powerful tool based on buyers’ engagement with you digitally. Track and analyze your website’s traffic, retarget, and follow-up with them at every stage of the purchasing funnel for improved conversion possibilities.

Powerful Real-Time

Know when and where your customers are engaging with you and get a higher conversion, return on investment, digital traffic, and sales pipeline reporting.

Upgrade your Marketing Automation System
with Abaca Digital AIM

Buyer's Journey

Add Value at Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey

Software and AI Driver Approach

Acquire more Convertible Leads by Targetting and Alluring the Right Audiences

Track and Manage 360° Ad Spend

Monitor and Alter your Ad Spend for Results befitting your Marketing Goals


Use Buyer Personas to Reach Out to High Potential Leads

Visual Workflow

Use Powerful Visual Workflows to Complete a Lead to Sales Business Processes

Lead Scoring

Pursue qualified leads to save time boost marketing ROI

Lead Flow Management

Find and Follow-up with Quality Leads for Improved Lead Generation, Scoring, and Conversion

Intelligent Customer Search

Optimize Search and Filter Customer Profiles to Find High-Potential Leads

Conversion Analysis

Track and analyze your consumer's engagements and actions and optimize your strategy accordingly to uplift conversions.

Email Reporting

Get site-level metrics like open rates, engagement times, and click-through rates for all deliveries of all emails in your account.

Sales Targets

Set and Achieve High Sales Targets with Accurate Sales Forecasting & Real-Time Progress Tracking

Activity Streams

Keep a record of your customer interactions & relationships to enhance your customer acquisition strategies

Pipeline Value

Gain access to a report that anticipates all the opportunities that are expected to close within a certain time period accurately.

Sales Performance

Measure & enhance the effectiveness of the sales team in selling activities and the ability to achieve sales goals.

Web Forms

Create and deploy web forms on your websites and social media and send them to your customers directly.

Quotation Management

Send appealing and aesthetic quotations to your customers and track their responses.

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Buyer’s Journey

So Many Features, it'll Take some Time to Comprehend all of them

Social Media Management
Smart Emails
Lead Scoring
Landing Pages
Digital Ads
Investment Measurement
Digital Watch
Bulk Emails
Behaviour Tracking
Sales Workflow
Visitor Tracking
Brand Strategy
Brand Story
Brand Positioning

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