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Simple Software, Business Excellence is what we strive for your business. Founded with a simple idea of providing 'access to high-end technology to all', Abaca, in its 12 years of the journey has provided solutions, fostering businesses to new growth.

Abaca is an IT Solutions and Software Outsourcing Company, with an expertise in Customized Software Solutions, IT consulting, AWS Consulting, Cloud Support and Customized ERP Software Solutions. Abaca helps you streamline your processes with a bouquet of customized services, and takes care of all the IT-related requirements to make your business future-ready.

Fueled by a pioneering spirit, Abaca, as a company, endeavours to help businesses achieve their goals with innovative solutions and professional IT consulting. We strive to serve you with innovative and competitive services.

A partner of Oracle, Microsoft, and AWS (Amazon Web Services), we create customized software solutions that match your unique Business Management needs. As a company, our prime focus has always been to offer our customers the desired solutions and a glitch-free IT experience.

Equipped with a team of qualified and passionate professionals who thrive on technology, we have been able to provide our clients with exemplary services.

Abaca feels proud to have made its presence felt globally with over 1000 installations across the continents, over a span of 12 years. Our competitive services have made us a trusted partner; and we strive to bring innovative solutions to help businesses grow to newer heights.

Abaca, today, has its branches in USA, South Africa and India.

The foundation of ABACA was laid with a simple idea of ‘access to high-end technology to all’. The ideology behind the whole set-up of ABACA is to introduce innovative changes in the world of Cloud ERP, CRM, and Software Development and Support Services.

The main aim of ABACA is to foster the future of industries/companies by arming them with competent and reliable IT solutions. We have set out to become a trusted technology partner of companies by introducing them to a tailored software solution that matches their needs.

We have partnered with Oracle, Microsoft, and AWS (Amazon Web Services) to create customized solutions to match the Business Management needs of different industries. As a company, we strive to provide our customers with simple software that lead to Business Excellence. Today, we are proud IT partners of a number of companies and have over 1000 installations across the globe.

Mr. Sunil DhawanCEO
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