Apex DBA and Infrastructure Support

Over the years Oracle Apex has become a very dependable and preferred choice of internal as well as external application development. There are various configurations that are now possible for Oracle Apex, be it a standalone application that is catering to the HR department, or a multi country application that is accessed over the internet by order booking and management applications, Oracle Apex is now an important part of the day to day business operation of any organization. In this new world of web and mobile application the DBA has to understand not only the Oracle Database but also all the pieces that connect the eco-system of Oracle Apex. This new DBA is now called Oracle Apex DBA.

Abacasys has created an Oracle Apex DBA team that understand the complete Apex environment, starting from the servers including Cloud servers AWS, MS Azure, Dedicated to Oracle Database, Oracle Apex and Application servers including Weblogic, Glassfish, Apache and major Container Servers.

All the pieces required for Oracle Apex and Types of Support required for an Apex environment


An Oracle can run on Windows, Linux or Unix environments and is available in various editions starting from a free but limited XE (Express Edition) to a full featured EE (Enterprise edition). AWS also provides a license included Oracle Database that is capable of running Oracle Apex called Oracle RDS. An Oracle Database requires Installation and Patch upgrades, Administration, Backup and Recovery, Network Administration, Performance Tuning and Critical Issue resolution.

Oracle Apex

Oracle Apex runs within the database and interacts with different database objects internally as well as with external web and application servers to publish all the pages to a web browser. The Apex DBA has to understand the installation, troubleshooting, exporting and importing, upgrading and workspace and application configuration for Oracle Apex. The list of other items that someone requires to know to manage Oracle Apex is huge but the bigger the environment the specialized the job of the person who is managing it.

Application Server

Apex runs with many application servers but the most popular application server is the open source version of Oracle Glassfish that is free to download and use in production environment. The Glassfish application server is very stable and advanced application server and might require complex configuration based on your application need. A glass fish application server is capable of memory, session and cluster management and can run across multiple servers in multiple zones to handle failover and load balancing requirements. An Apex DBA need to understand the configuration of Apex with the application server, the application server installation, upgrades and configuration. Understanding and Managing Application server security and troubleshooting is also a very important part of Oracle Apex DBA.

On-Premises or Cloud Environment

With Apex online capabilities it usually is hosted in big data center environment that are either on-premises or in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Apex DBA has to understand the various configurations, installation, security and performance optimization of on-premises or cloud environment.

By using Abacasys Oracle Apex DBA team, you can be rest assured that everything in your environment is taken care of by a single specialized Oracle Apex DBA or the Abacasys Apex DBA Team.

Abacasys Apex DBA and Infrastructure support is available either on an hourly basis with a specific Oracle Apex DBA allocated to you or in a shared support model where a 24x7 team is available to manage all your Oracle Apex configuration needs. Our rates are lowest and we provide only Oracle Certified Engineers to work with our customers.


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