Apex Installation and Configuration

Apex Installation and Configuration might seem very straightforward but there are several areas which require a DBA level expertise to make sure it is configured correctly and there are no missing pieces left, for example

Is the right version set of Apex, Oracle Database and Operating System picked?

Picking wrong versions might lead to problems at a later stage when you encounter bugs related to Apex, Oracle DB or Operating System patch sets. Oracle only provides help with certified configurations and combinations.

If installing in an existing database, will your installation create a conflict with any existing data or applications running on the same Database?

During installation and Upgrade of Oracle Apex, Oracle will install and run several Data dictionary level scripts; these scripts might change the underlying behavior of your database. The best way to install Oracle Apex is to try it out on a Development server to make sure everything is working ok, better reach out to an Oracle Apex DBA for help.

What about the Memory parameters of Oracle and would you need a new Oracle Tablespace for Apex?

Based on your application type you may need to configure the Oracle Database memory parameters like SGA, Swap Space, Tablespace Sizes etc. It is usually ok to start with Apex on a personal computer but installing Apex for a real world environment requires an in depth knowledge of Oracle Database and Windows or Linux Operating Systems. Read more about the documentation and blogs available on Oracle Apex for help.

Would you need an Application Container Server like Apache, Weblogic, Glassfish or AWS Container service?

Oracle Apex is built to run on the internet and there are several possible combination of configurations supported for the installation starting from a standalone mode to a fully clustered and feel safe Glassfish Application Server. Based on your need you will be able to pick either a paid or an open source solution. AWS container service and Glassfish open source are two of the most cost effective and widely used solutions. Careful configuration is required to set up single server or multi server environment. Please see below for possible steps for these configurations.

What about security? Are there any security loop holes in the installation?

What is your security strategy, Internet, intranet or both. Since Apex is built for internet and runs in a browser it might expose your environment or network to the outer world. A careful planning and configuration is needed to block and secure entry points like ports, sql injectables, url, cache and sessions etc. An experienced DBA will be able to guide on implementing a firewall in addition to strong password policies and best practices. If you are going to host your application on AWS ec2 cloud environment an experienced and careful configuration is needed for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Security Groups and Elastic IPs.

How to Install and Configure for Maximum performance of your pages and reports?

Oracle Apex runs inside the Oracle database at least 60-70% performance issues can be related back to Oracle Database configuration, queries and programs, the remaining issues will relate to the application server, operating system, network and application deployment configurations. Although following the Oracle Apex Installation guide will give you a very reliable install, an experienced Oracle Apex DBA will be able to help with identify and troubleshoot major configuration and compatibility issues.
Abacasys Team is specialized and experienced in over 200 installations of Oracle Database will Oracle Apex in multiple combinations. Be it a simple Windows on-premises install or a complex Cloud Linux configuration, Abacasys Apex Team will be able to help you do it right the first time. Please use 1-click-call-back to initiate a discussion with us. We will be glad to discuss everything related to Oracle and Apex.


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