Oracle Apex Upgrade

Oracle usually releases new major software version every 2 years but for the last few years Oracle has started investing significantly on Oracle Apex and has come up with a new version each year. Not only the new versions of Apex are now coming faster but they are also now more feature packed and use some of the latest development and web principles. With the cloud focus of Oracle, the direction would be to invest significantly in the most cloud ready tool in Oracle’s bag of software and solutions.

Is it time to upgrade?

To upgrade or not?

In the past software upgrades have been a strategic yet painful process and before you make a decision to upgrade it is always desirable to understand the risks, challenges and benefits out of the upgrade. Before you take on the journey let me summarize that upgrading Oracle Apex is very straight forward and usually the feature benefits outweighs the upgrade investment.

To make a decision to upgrade it is good idea to understand the steps involved in an upgrade.

Oracle upgrade involves two steps process, the first is the technology upgrade and the second is the application upgrade or adjustments.

Technology upgrade

We will keep the upgrade process independent of version so that the same steps apply regardless of the version to or from you are upgrading.

The first step is to go through the release notes and understand if a database upgrade is necessary to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle Apex. The release notes and all other documents are usually available on Oracle Apex site

Upgrading the Database

If Oracle database upgrade is needed than an Oracle DBA is required to participate and upgrade the Oracle database before Oracle Apex can be upgraded. Based on your company’s policy the DBA will either be upgrading your development environment or he might provide you a completely new Oracle database environment that is upgraded to the version your Oracle Apex requires. You can download the upgrade guide for Oracle database version 12c from Oracle’s site here

Running Oracle Apex Upgrade Scripts to upgrade Oracle Apex Version

Upgrading Oracle Apex is a straight forward process, you will need the DBA level or SYS user access to login to the database.

The overview of steps involved are

  • Download the latest version of Oracle Apex software from
  • unzip the software to a folder on the Oracle database server and name the unzipped folder to Apex_ for example for version 5.1 you can name it as Apex_5.1. The folder usually resides in your linux user home for example /home/oracle/Apex_5.1
  • Login to the Oracle database as Sys user
  • execute the upgrade script @apexins.sql tablespace_apex tablespace_files tablespace_temp images

For a detailed upgrade Download the Oracle Apex Installation Guide from follow the step as suitable for your specific environment.

Upgrading the Applications to newer version

Oracle Apex upgrade process is designed to not change any underlying components required to run your existing applications, the changes to the existing applications are only required to make use of the new features of the version you have upgraded to.

Once the application technical upgrade is complete it is usually a good idea to run a the Integrity check advisor provided by Oracle to make sure all applications are going to work properly in the new version. You can read more about the tool here

Once the application integrity has been validated it is now a developers job to discuss the changes required to implement new features in the application with a business user. The implementation of new features might require some page, template or code level fitment or adjustment. It is better to run this as a new project and release the features after proper testing in a Test environment.

Upgrading Oracle Apex is quick and low risk as compared to other software or enterprise tools but it surely requires careful execution. Abacasys Oracle Apex team of experienced Apex DBAs, Certified Developers and UI designers can help you with the complete process in a cost effective and timely manner.

Reach us for a quote on your Oracle Apex Upgrade, we cover any combination the following upgrade services

  • Oracle Database Upgrade: Upgrade the Oracle database along with underlying operating system.
  • Oracle Apex Technical Upgrade: Upgrade the Oracle Apex version to the latest desired version, making sure there is no impact to the currently running applications.
  • Oracle Apex Application Upgrade: Systematic upgrade of all your Oracle Apex applications using the proven process of upgrade. We will be upgrading all the required templates, UI, codebases and then testing the application thoroughly before releasing it to your production environment.
  • Oracle Apex Data migration: If you are upgrading from a very old Oracle Apex version then it might require you to upgrade or migrate your data. We can do data migration from either older Oracle versions or a third party data source including non-oracle databases, microsoft excel spreadsheets and text files.


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