Abaca Among Top 101 Illinois Web Design Companies and Start-ups of 2021

As a result of our consistent efforts, Abaca is among the top picks for the best Illinois Web Design companies. The category of awards has been ideated to acknowledge start-ups and companies taking a variety of approaches to innovate the Web Design industry but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

Companies across the size spectrum of cutting-edge start-ups to established brands have been awarded the honour.

The start-ups and companies awarded were selected for exceptional performance in one of these categories:

1. Innovation

- Innovative ideas

- Innovative route to market

- Innovative product

2. Growth

- Exceptional growth

- Exceptional growth strategy

3. Management

4. Societal impact

At Abaca, we strive to exceed expectations with everything we create. Our innovative and tech-savvy team edified with best-in-class technology and industry-standard practices enable us to deliver edge above web designs and solutions.

To know more regarding our web design services, visit www.abacasys.com or speak with our experts.

Cloud Migration: Get in Front of Your Options

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud refers to servers that are accessible over the Internet. Software and databases run on these servers, eliminating the need for physical servers. The Cloud helps reduce investment in technological infrastructures, optimizes flexibility, mobility etc. It simplifies the use by enabling organizations or users to get rid of the constraints of a traditional computer tool.

In simpler terms, cloud computing is a remote service platform used to store information and execute applications. It is a way of externalizing infrastructure by letting individuals run services and data online. It eliminates the need to install software locally onto each user terminal.

What is Cloud Migration!?

Moving digital assets such as data, workloads, IT resources, applications, etc. to cloud infrastructure is known as Cloud Migration. It refers to upgrading data from legacy infrastructure or an on-premises data centre to the cloud. The business world is transforming & almost every company is considering switching from conservative computer tools to cloud for database operations.

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of Cloud Migration, we've enlisted the most important things companies must take into account when considering it

There are innumerable cloud offerings available in the meantime. It is important to make the right decision. Cloud migration is a crucial step for any organization. Determining how, where, and what they move to the cloud is key to making the right choice. Determine why your business needs to move to the cloud.

The right Cloud Migration Expert will implement your cloud strategy with a structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration while laying a secure foundation for continuous performance improvements.

Planning a Cloud Migration?

Plan with Abaca.

Strategize with a Cloud Architect

Cloud architects can assist you in establishing a cloud foundation. Decide upon the cloud platform best suited for your business. Clear out your queries related to security & plan a comprehensive strategy for migration.

Decide upon the level of Cloud Integration

Which applications and databases do you want to migrate? You do not need to migrate everything. Make an informed decision. You can opt for a mix of cloud integration. Choose which applications and databases you want to stay on-premises and which ones you want to move to the cloud.

Single Cloud or Multi-Cloud?

You can use more than one vendor for your company's cloud footprint. Using multiple cloud vendors can help you take advantage of the applications & databases' strengths.

Set up Performance Baseline

Establish a baseline for applications and database performance before cloud migration to ensure there is no negative impact on the customer experience. Take the Key Performance Indicators into account during cloud implementation to confirm if the applications and databases are performing as expected.

Prioritize the order of Migration

Make sure the applications and databases you want to migrate are organized. Align services with their dependencies & migrate them first. Consider the migration of internal applications first following the complex migrations. Once you have planned out the cloud migration, next comes designing a dynamic cloud platform best suited to optimize your business at its core.

Finalize a Detailed Plan with Defined Tasks & Timelines

A detailed timeline will keep the cloud migration on track and enables a smooth transformation.

Retooling of Applications

Application retooling will enhance the performance, network connections, utilization & interfaces. It all comes down to a Successful Cloud Migration. Migration is the most crucial part of moving an organization to the cloud. The migration process is completed using advanced tools. It is important that the move is smooth and does not negatively impact the business.

Cloud providers often have multiple storage options which you can choose from based on purpose, cost, data, and retrieval requirements. Syncing data byte by byte is also an intricate part of the process.

Post Migration

Successful migration does not ensure smooth functionality, which is why post-migration services are important. Back-ups, performance, auto scanning, elasticity, high availability and future growth are assured via reliable post-migration service.

Choosing the right Cloud consultant/ provider can accelerate your cloud adoption journey with a seamless, low-risk, secure, cost-efficient approach & tackle the migration challenges.

If you want to make a progressive move and opt for cloud migration, contact us now.

Abaca provides a complete end-to-end migration service and helps you accelerate your journey to the cloud with a strategic approach that includes the data centre, infrastructure, apps, security, and OMCS.

What sets us apart?

➤  100% Data Security
➤  Round-the-clock instant support
➤  Lower costs through automated processes
➤  Specialized Team of Certified Consultants
➤  Quick Turnaround Times
➤  Easy and low-cost future maintenance and upgrades

How Oracle APEX Can Transform Your Enterprise App Development Cycle

Oracle APEX has been the talk of the Tech-town ever since its advent. Developers are inclined towards Oracle APEX because it eliminates the complexity of developing and deploying applications at all layers & enterprises love Oracle APEX because it is cost-effective & allows rapid development of modern, data-centric applications.

Let's get a better understanding of Oracle APEX & its advantageous edge

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a fully managed, web-based, low-code development & deployment tool, available with all Oracle databases & in all Oracle Database Cloud Services. It enables rapid development of modern, data-driven, business-critical web applications that are reliable, scalable & secure.

Oracle APEX allows the development of applications ranging from small departmental applications built by one or two people to substantial, complex systems developed by a team of IT professionals.

It enables developers to rapidly build and enhance applications as the complexity of creating custom applications is minimized since the amount of code a developer needs to create by hand is decreased by 98%. It incorporates drag and drop functions that make the development process easy with its high-end features that can be added within seconds. You can also use REST endpoints to work with the data you need for your enterprise applications.

Features of Oracle APEX that can Transform Your Enterprise App Development Cycle:

◙  Data Entry
◙  Forms
◙  Calendars
◙  Master-Detail
◙  Faceted Search
◙  Interactive Reports
◙  Charts
◙  Navigation Menus
◙  Interactive Grids
◙  Automatic Data Model processing
◙  Dashboards
◙  HTML5 Compatible
◙  Data Visualizations
◙  Modern User Interfaces
◙  Fully Responsive
◙  Mobile-Friendly
◙  1100+ Handmade icons
◙  Powerful Web Applications Security
◙  Highly Accessible
◙  Application Monitoring
◙  Translation
◙  Localization

Ideal Use Cases of Oracle APEX
Oracle APEX encompasses a myriad of production-ready components that make it ideal for a broad spectrum of use cases. Oracle APEX provides compelling solutions for a variety of use cases, let us delve deeper into a few:

Create Ad Hoc Applications
There is a significant increase in the number of lightweight devices, meanwhile, wireless communication has gained a lot of momentum. Ad Hoc networking technology is evolving with the increasing number of widespread applications. Oracle APEX is an ideal alternative to traditional enterprise application development as it improves business agility.

Prototype Testing
Oracle APEX is the fast prototyping & testing tool you must own. The most effective way of developing an enterprise application is to quickly create and test a prototype to determine the variability without any significant investment.

Encourage the Tech-Savvy Professionals
Give way to your tech-savvy employees to develop customized enterprise applications to increase their productivity. Most professionals can create a personalized application to support their work without needing assistance from the development team.

Enhance your Enterprise Applications
Rapidly enhance your Oracle APEX applications without any strenuous effort upon receiving feedback from users. Add/ Amend features based on newly discovered demands.

Augment your Existing Practices & Procedures
Optimize your outdated ERP solutions to augment your organization's functionality. Use Oracle APEX to customize and modernize your ERP solutions without hassles.

Who can Benefit from Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX can benefit many professionals in your enterprise, from full-stack developers & database administrators to your IT staff. Chief Information Officers, responsible for the management, implementation & usability of information & computer technologies can also take the advantage of the same. Tech-savvy business users can create custom enterprise applications to perform better at their job roles.

To know more about Oracle or discuss your enterprise application development needs, contact us now. We, at Abaca, have an experienced team of Oracle DBAs & specialists that can handle everything from development, deployment & maintenance of an Oracle APEX Enterprise Application.

7 Reasons AI and Healthcare Can Work Together to Lead to a Better Future

If we have learned one thing in the recent past, it's the importance of a reliable healthcare system. The unforeseen circumstances have pushed us to think over our medical system & its shortcomings and the very need to modernize it to deal with serious health hazards.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing every industry including healthcare. AI is intelligence demonstrated by machines. It's also referred to as machine learning. AI can rescue the current medical system and the overburdened healthcare professionals from the setbacks the pandemic has caused.

Artificial Intelligence can help save time and money in diagnostics and treatment. Artificial Intelligence is reliable for improved accuracy of diagnostics, leading healthcare professionals to be better prepared & make effective decisions timely. We are here to help you get a better understanding of AI & how it can help augment different aspects of the healthcare system.

Improved Monitoring
AI has given way to the invention of modern wearable technology like the Fitbit Tracker that can help monitor and track heart rate and keep track of the level of oxygen in their blood. It can prove to be lifesaving in many circumstances by enabling the early diagnosis of diseases. In the future, AI can be used efficiently to tackle critical health-related challenges.

Help Individuals with Chronic Health Conditions
AI helps prevent the onset of chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension. It can help treat such conditions more effectively by identifying underlying issues and trends within the patients' medical records and claims. It can help patients get proper care at the right time.

Improved Decision Making
Artificial Intelligence can help healthcare professionals make better decisions. It can help medical experts identify an array of diseases today. There's way too much data present in the world regarding health-related issues than a human being can comprehend, AI can help detect specific diseases by reviewing the data.

Reduced Length of Stays
No one likes staying at the hospital, right? AI can be of help. Incorporating AI in the overall process can improve the quality of treatment, especially at ER centres. AI can help prioritize hospital operations. It will not only be convenient for patients but also hospitals.

Drug Development
AI can enhance the capabilities of researchers and help in the development of drugs at speed with no room for error. AI can improve the efficiency of the drug development process manifolds. AI algorithms can help scientists by reviewing the abundant data compiled with ease.

Prescription of the Correct Drugs
AI won't get drugs mixed up once trained and programmed right AI won't need human assistance to prescribe the correct medication to patients. It can assess and analyze a patient's history and eliminate the possibility of medication errors. AI can decrease the probability of misdiagnosis and medication errors and diagnose medical issues faster than humans. However, AI cannot be relied on entirely either. Healthcare professionals and AI must make conjoined efforts for the best possible outcomes.

Save Lives, Save Money
Healthcare needs resources to save lives, especially in an unprecedented time when lives are at stake. AI can be of massive help to the medical system in innumerable ways. Once integrated into the system, Artificial Intelligence can prove to be cost-effective in the long run. AI can take care of routine jobs that are tedious and repetitive. It can help save lives as well as money soon.

The merger of AI with Healthcare can lead us to a great future with easily accessible medical facilities for all. AI can help resolve obstacles like unavailability of resources and an overburdened medical system & enable people to gain medical assistance.

AI is the Future. Get Future Ready with Abaca! If you want to know more about AI for your healthcare organization, connect with our experts today.

Rapid Development and Beyond With Oracle APEX

Dependable & Data-centric application development or rapid development? What is your priority?

In the domain of web development, one often has to choose between two equally important aspects, browser-friendly & data-centric web applications or fast development via fast prototyping.

You no longer have to choose since Oracle APEX now gives you the best of both worlds. Web applications are an intricate part of every business in the meantime. Users choose web applications over desktop application due to their responsiveness, i.e., their easy accessibility on desktop or mobile devices alike.

The need for storing & handling data has increased manifolds over the years, which is why database systems are extremely important to ensure an organization's smooth working. Oracle, a distinguished database manufacturer is renowned for the 'Oracle Database' which allows users to read as well as write significant amounts of data. Upon realizing the growing requirement of fast development of web applications, Oracle incepted the online development environment 'Oracle Application Express (APEX)', a no-cost plugin for Oracle Database.

The Amalgam of Development Environment and Database
Oracle APEX is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle Database. It's a browser-based interface, declarative programming framework which is easy to grasp and empowers you to quickly develop effective and robust applications.

Being browser-based, Oracle APEX is independent of the operating system underneath. Installed on Oracle Database, Oracle APEX has direct access to the corresponding database, which means no persistence layer is required to exchange data between the database and the developed application.

Owning an Oracle Database is a prerequisite of gaining access to Oracle APEX, which is why it is most advantageous for organizations that already operate Oracle Database.

Programming Made Easy
Oracle Database lets one avail packages and functions that equip developers to augment their databases by writing source code with PL/SQL. Invented by Oracle, PL/SQL extends the common SQL functionality with features known from distinct programming languages.

PL/SQL does not require a persistence layer to gain access to the database. In packages and functions, PL/SQL can be integrated with ordinary SQL, enabling an easy & fast way to write impeccable PL/SQL scripts. Oracle APEX has many advantageous edges, it makes developers' lives as easy as possible since there is no need to learn any additional programming or scripting languages. Programmers can use pre-existing technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. to design web applications easily.

An Advantageous Headstart - Rapid GUI Prototypes
As a default layout theme for the graphical user interface (consecutively GUI) Oracle APEX comes with the Universal Theme and the Theme Roller as an easy-to-use tool to adapt the Universal Theme individually. There is no need to spend time on the GUI at the very beginning. Thus the developer can directly start with implementing the business logic.

This is the reason why Oracle APEX is feasible to create rapid GUI-Prototypes without logic. Thus prospective customers can get an idea of how their future application will look.

Keeping Up with Globalization
Multilingual applications are gaining momentum rapidly. Acknowledging the hype, Oracle improvised and equipped Oracle APEX with powerful translation utilities to translate entire applications with ease. The default language, the language in which APEX application is originally developed, is translated without effort or error. All the labels, buttons, region titles, every detail is translated.

Maximized Security - Authenticate & Authorize
Oracle has developed a powerful yet easy-to-use approach to secure web applications developed using Oracle APEX. A user must request access to read or edit data, this process is called authentication. Different authentication schemes are applied to ensure complete security. After authentication, the next step is authorization. Authorization schemes manage what permissions a user has. Almost everything in Oracle APEX like pages, regions, items, buttons, validations, processes can be restricted with an authorization scheme.

To sum up, Oracle APEX is a powerful development environment created as a no-cost plugin for Oracle Database. It is ideal for accelerated development and rapid prototyping. Being a powerful yet easy-to-use platform that enables the development of multilingual, secure and high-functioning web applications which are independent of their dimensions.

If you want to know more about Oracle APEX & how it can be used to optimize your organization's functioning, speak with our experts now!

Hire Professional Abaca Oracle Consultants & Migration Experts from Abaca. We’ve successfully developed, implemented and maintained Oracle solutions in numerous environments and industries.

ABACA Is Growing Clients’ Businesses By Delivering Impactful Web Development Solutions: GoodFirms

By harnessing the most powerful technologies and potential of companies, Abacasys Corporation offers website development solutions that are perfectly tailor-made to meet client requirements. Get to know in detail how ABACA transitioned itself into a reputed website development firm over the years.

ABACA Introduction

Incorporated in 2006, ABACA is a professional and renowned website development company headquartered in the United States. Since its establishment ABACA has been applying its technology prowess to offer customized solutions that get businesses into the spotlight. The list of services provided by ABACA includes testing services, software development, AWS consulting, custom relationship management, and various others, along with website development. Offering high-performance solutions, ABACA has been bringing businesses to successful heights with its vast array of offerings.

The strategists of ABACA put their act together to offer professional services and be part of a client’s success story. In addition to providing great solutions, they also guarantee to create high ROI for clients. Working with unmatched potential, the firm manages to create perfect solutions matching clients’ business requirements. ABACA caters to the needs of different industries and delivers solutions that are a masterpiece. All the offerings by the firm are tailor-made as per clients’ business needs. This way, ABACA plays a significant role in making businesses reach heights.

GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is an online, B2B research and review portal that lists companies to rank and register them on parameters of Quality, Reliability, and Ability. The learned GoodFirms researchers critically examine companies on these parameters to list them on the website. GoodFirms similarly evaluated ABACA based on the same parameters and found them delivering seamless website development services.

Website Development Services

ABACA is empowering brands with its intuitive website services developed to create a brand identity for clients. By utilizing the latest technology, tools, and frameworks, the firm develops website solutions with a systematic approach. Considering website development as an art, ABACA offers professional services that create value for businesses. Plus, they utilize 9+ years of experience for creating a website that personifies a brand identity. By engaging clients globally and increasing their online presence ABACA works with a result-driven approach to offer the best website services.

Working with proven methodology and engineered approach ABACA works to build a unique website. Moreover, by applying the right tools and technologies, they craft a great user experience. Thus, for delivering pro-efficient solutions in website development, GoodFirms highlights ABACA as one of the top web development companies in the USA.

Testing Services

To ensure clients receive error-free deliverables without any bug, ABACA delivers testing services with ultimate precision. Before executing any strategy, ABACA does thorough research on each process and sets its goals at the start of the project. This, in turn, makes them deliver world-class services. ABACA has provided solutions to various industries like education, financial, healthcare, small business, retails, startups, etc.

ABACA is revolutionizing businesses with quality services meant to enhance the company’s performance. The qualified engineers, performance testing engineers, automation engineers are acquainted with all the latest technologies which they use to ensure quality services. By adapting to the right methodologies and running trends, the team of engineers promises the right testing services. ABACA bags a position as one of the top testing companies in Illinois at GoodFirms.

App Development

Creating the right app is very important because it gives a company an edge in the market and an opportunity to connect with the customers. ABACA is helping businesses create a remarkable digital presence by working with a tailored approach and creating an app that matches the clients’ business needs. The firm applies every possible technique and technology to create a custom application that can enhance clients’ business. Furthermore, by building a customer-focused app experience, they help clients create digital products and thrive in the market.

With a team of skilled professionals, ABACA builds functional and robust applications by taking responsibility and accountability for even the tiniest factor involved in the app development process; Thus, for being an industry-specific firm, that takes care of the optimized performance of the clients’ business ABACA is on GoodFirms radar as one of the top mobile app development companies.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find top Web Development, Web Development, and Mobile App Development Services firms that offer the best services to its customers. GoodFirms' extensive research processes help rank the companies, boost their online reputation and help service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is a staff writer with GoodFirms – a Washington D.C.-based B2B Research Company that bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna's current role includes gauging companies’ performances and their key attributes and putting them into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and is always on the lookout for new strategies and ideas that companies have gladly embraced, and then helps them shine a light on those to make their identities shine brighter.

Oracle APEX- A Feature-Rich Development Platform You Should Be Using

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code, feature-rich, modern & rapid development platform that enables one to build scalable, complex, data-centric web applications.

Being a powerful, easy to support & cost-effective development platform, APEX is used worldwide by renowned enterprises, government departments, educational institutes, NGOs & MSMEs. If you own an Oracle Database, here’s why you should upgrade to APEX now!

In this blog, we’ve listed a few of the innumerable reasons why you should be using Oracle APEX, if you aren't already. Let’s get started!

What Sets Oracle APEX Apart & Why Should You Go For It?

Oracle APEX offers advanced tools you need to be productive, deliver on time, and produce exceptional results for your business.Listed below are the salient features of Oracle APEX that will help you gain a better insight into the subject.

Phenomenal Framework

The APEX Framework uses solid and proven languages like SQL & PL/SQL on the back end & industry-standard components like HTML, CSS, JavaScript for building the user interface.

Custom Authentication & Authorization

In addition to supporting various authentication schemes like LDAP, Database, Single Sign-On, Oracle Access Manager, Custom, etc., APEX enables you to implement custom Authorization Schemes using the built-in components.

Declarative Support for Building Mobile Applications

Oracle APEX provides declarative support for mobile application development. Oracle APEX incorporates jQuery Mobile, a lightweight framework that enables you to create compact & minimalistic websites, to support Mobile Web Application Development. It allows you to include features like page transitions & gestures like swipe, pinch & tap.

Unparalleled Responsiveness

APEX allows you to develop applications edified with a responsive design for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets & smartphones. You can simply do this by selecting predefined themes based on CSS3 & HTML5 that support HTML5 charts & item types such as sliders & toggles.

All-inclusive Development Suite

Oracle APEX is a packaged application that includes an integrated suite of productivity & sample apps that provide point solutions & demonstrate key functionality. The suite encompasses applications for bug tracking, issue logs, checklist management, meeting minutes, group calendar, decision management etc.

RESTful Web Services

APEX has inbuilt support for RESTful web services. The RESTful Web Services Wizard is a set of pages in the SQL Workshop area of Oracle APEX that allows you to create RESTful Web Services. It allows applications to access data & services over the internet using standard web APIs.

Database Integration

Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system facilitated with advanced security, RAC, Spatial, Analytics, Multimedia, XML, etc. APEX developers can leverage these capabilities for their applications by simply using SQL or PL/ SQL APIs directly in the database.

Application Translation & Globalization Support

A single Oracle database instance & Oracle Application Express can support multiple database sessions customized to support distinct languages. Applications are developed in a primary language & can be mapped to a supported target language.

Upgrade your Aging Forms and Reports Application

Upgrade & Modernize your existing Forms and Reports Applications without disrupting the underlying PL/SQL or database code using Oracle APEX wizard-based rapid development in no time & enable it to run on a lightweight browser. You can also move your applications to Oracle Cloud or AWS cloud.

Develop Teams Effortlessly

Oracle APEX has an inbuilt feature allowing team development, i.e., a group of developers can work on a single application, manage features. An exceptional advantage that comes with team development is the ability to set milestones. It helps team members manage time and increase their productivity.


Developers have the advantage of extending Oracle APEX by writing custom authentication and authorization schemes in SQL & PL/SQL. The framework supports plugins, allowing developers to extend the functionality of their applications with reusable or third-party extensions.

In addition to the above-mentioned key features, APEX is also stacked with advantageous features that edify developer productivity including Version Control Support, Error Handling, Oracle Forms Migration Tool, Accessibility, Utility Reports.

Wondering why you have not upgraded to APEX yet? Let us help you!

Creating an Impact in the World of IT & Software Since 2006, Abaca Develops Advanced Solutions using Oracle APEX to Help Businesses attain sustainable growth. To know more about Oracle APEX and its services, speak with our experts now!

15 Best Software Development Bloggers You Need to Follow

Trends in software development are changing more than ever. If you are in the space of technology, it becomes necessary for you to keep yourself updated with these trends. Today, we bring the best Software development Bloggers that you can follow to keep yourself updated on new languages, tools, and frameworks that launch every now and then.

Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun is a speaker and author of eight successful books on creativity, leadership, philosophy, and speaking. He has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Guardian, Wired Magazine, and many more. He worked as a manager at Microsoft and WordPress and is a blogger you should follow.

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler is a software developer, author, and international public speaker on software development. Martin Fowler is known for writing articles and publishing posts on object-orienting programming. Following Martin Fowler, You get easy access to blog topics based on continuous delivery, agile, refactoring, and microservices.

David Walsh

David is a software engineer, web developer, and founder of Wynq Web Lab and Script & Style. He posts blogs on javascript, HTML5, AJAX, PHP, CSS, WordPress, and others that help many to enhance their knowledge. He is and conference speaker and Senior Web Developer for Mozilla and is Core Developer for MooTools JavaScript Framework.

Joel on Software

Avram Joel Spolsky is a software engineer and a writer and author of Joel on Software. Joel on Software blogs focuses on technical stuff and post software engineer-related blogs that are insightful and appreciated by software engineers. He helps you in your process of discovering the latest software trends.

Slack Engineering Blog

On Slack Engineering Blog, you can access content for yourself as a software engineer. All the junior and senior team members post their content on challenges they face while building and scaling an engineering company and, this can be very enlightening for you.

Coding Horror

Jeff Atwood is a software developer, author, blogger, and entrepreneur and writes computer programming blogs. His posts are some of the best and, we suggest his posts to you If you are a programmer. His are insightful and funny at the same time, in short worth your time.

Code Better

If you are looking forward to getting hands-on with some better tools already methodologies, and practices within software development, CodeBetter Blog is for you. You will get to know about some of the best code examples and the latest techniques here.

The Steelkiwi Blog

Along with providing IT services, The Steelkiwi Blog posts content about design, development, and software support and other vital information about the latest trends. We recommend it to both startups and entrepreneurs.


Sixrevisions is widely known for providing information about web advancement. There are numerous posts available on their website & is proved to be a great piece of knowledge for website engineers and architects.


Hackernoon lets you know about the new and changing trends in AI, software development, gaming, python, blockchain, etc. With more than 3 million readers who come to read their posts, Hackernoon keeps them all updated with their in-depth knowledge in diverse fields related to software development.

Pinterest Engineering Blog

Pinterest Engineering Blog is best for the ones who are looking for coding and engineering ideas and insights. It will also help you know how things get done at Pinterest and some other tips.

A List Apart

Founded by L. Jeffrey Zeldman, A List Apart is best for those looking forward to getting more knowledge or learn tips and tricks about software development. You will find content related to software, whether it's design, development, or web standards. You can also write your thoughts as a blog and post there, as they allow the readers to do so if it's insightful.

SEI Blog

Software Engineering Institute shares its knowledge on research and development on SEI Blog. If you are a software engineer, developer, or cybersecurity expert & research on topics like software engineering, cybersecurity, and AI Engineering interests you, then SEI Blog is definitely for you!


Dev.to has some of the most interesting articles. It allows you as software engineers and programmers to share your expertise and questions related to your field. Thousands of software developers already share their knowledge on this platform on Javascript, web dev, etc.

Sentry Blog

If you are looking forward to nailing your knowledge in coding, then Sentry Blog is for you. It also offers open-source error tracking that supports development teams in their process to solve crashes. As a Developer and Product Manager, it can be of great help to you!

Abacasys is a leading software development company that offers a wide range of software development services since 2006. Abacasys offers software consulting, custom software development, enterprise software solution, software integration, maintenance, and support services and helps enterprises realize their full potential.

The Unstoppable Rise of AI For Customer Service

What is customer service?

Customer service refers to the assistance and advice provided by a company to people who buy or use its products or services.

Why is customer service & support important?

Customer support plays a significant role in encouraging brand loyalty amongst customers. It isn't just important to retain customers by also is a way of ensuring & increasing sales. Effective customer service and support can edify the chances of a good or service being sold.

Now that you're familiar with customer service and its edge, let's move on to the interesting trend that has gained a lot of momentum in the sphere of customer service and support in recent times i.e., the unstoppable rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What is Artificial Intelligence & how is it used in customer service?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technically intelligence demonstrated by machines, which is distinct from natural intelligence which is inherited or attained by humans or animals and constitutes of consciousness and emotions.

With time, companies are incorporating AI into their customer support teams to enhance their customer relationships and lay the burden off their manpower. AI can interact with the masses, answer commonly asked questions and redirect customers to live chat options.

Let's take an example of Chatbots, an interesting AI technology used for customer support, for your better understanding.

Chatbots are AI customer service platforms that are used for communicating with potential or existing clients and carry out innumerable conversations simultaneously, which is quite impossible for humans to execute.

Deploying chatbots is an impeccable strategy for sales and marketing professionals to enhance the customers' experience and earn their trust and loyalty. Major leading giants like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook & Google are determined to build virtual assistants and chatbots that can engage with customers and respond to their queries in real-time.

Customer service has immensely advantaged from chatbots. In addition to enhancing the user experience, chatbots also collect and store data which further helps predict customer behaviour. AI greatly edifies the workflow by automating the key element of a good customer experience, i.e., engaging in a conversation.

Most companies also use AI technologies like Biometrics, Face & Voice Recognition, Predictive Personalization etc. to augment their workflow.

Intrigued? Speak with our experts to know more!

Abaca can help you in enhancing your organization's customer service unit! Our highly experienced & tech-savvy professionals are well-equipped to incorporate AI technology into your customer service to augment it!

Upgrade to AI with Abaca Now!