AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is an agentless service which executes it simpler and faster for you to move thousands of on-premises workloads to AWS. AWS SMS enables you to schedule, automate, track and follows replications of live server volumes, producing it easier for you to organize large-scale server migrations.

Easy to Get Started

Start and manage server migration with some clicks via the AWS Management Console. AWS Server Migration Service will insistence replicate live server volumes to AWS and build Amazon Machine Images (AMI) as needed.


Create and maintain a customized replication schedule designed for large-scale migrations, and follow the progress of each migration.


Perform migrations accelerated while minimizing network bandwidth, by transferring only incremental changes done to on-premises servers.


AWS Server Migration Service is available to use; pay only for the storage resources utilized during the migration process.Learn more

Minimize Downtime

Incremental Server replication enables you to decrease server downtime significantly.

Migrating your current systems to Amazon Web Services doesn’t necessitate an overhaul to your code base. Our strategy is to immediately provide value and performance advantages by identifying those systems which would have the fabulous impact.

Most systems can be prepared in a “lift-and-shift” method – simply transferring the application as is. While this can be an honest execution, it doesn’t take the success of the capabilities of AWS’s infrastructure and services. Abacasys understands how various services can be induced into play to vastly enhance your methods’ performance.

Our Cloud Engineers & Architects, assist you with migrating your statements from your on-premise or co-location infrastructure to AWS Cloud. We assist you with migrating large sets of data in the quickest possible way. Our engineers will make changes to the application to guarantee it responds well to auto-scaling and is Error Tolerant. These days it exists as a stand-alone system that can maintain replicating data to a target system as component of a company's data persistence and data recovery plan.

We follow security expert practices while migrating your application to AWS, creating various layers of security to block any illegal access.

The highlight of abacasys' Cloud Migration services:

  • Reengineer applications for the cloud.
  • Leverage Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Management Services.
  • Applications immediately moved to the cloud cover Microsoft On Demand SharePoint and SAP.
  • Use of Cloud VMs for Testing, Development, and Training.
  • HPC applications that require significant processing power on demand are completely suited to cloud migration, such as big data applications.
  • Abacasys consists of certified engineers help several companies to migrate applications to AWS.


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