Customized Sales & Dealer Management System. Thanks To 7 Person Development Team

Business Background

This company deals in Vertical Blinds, Roller Shades, Honeycomb shades, Wooden Venation blind, Zebra blinds, Triple Blind and Leatherite blinds and is a subsidiary of the “OPUS Collection”.


  1. Keep track of sales orders and Notification of order status to customers.
  2. Production management.
  3. Inventory management.

Executing the Strategy

Major Requirement

  1. Dealers throughout the country should be allowed to create sale orders directly from anywhere.
  2. Production should be done based on sale orders.
  3. Raw material planning based on sale order and buffer.
  4. Notification to customer through email and sms from every stage i.e (sale order approval, production process and dispatch or order).
  5. Raw material consumption based on formula entered in master.

The Solution

  1. Created sale order screen for dealer to enter sale order.
  2. Implemented email and sms Api’s to send notifications.
  3. Screen to create a bill of material and provision to enter formula of raw material consumption.
  4. Job card creation after approval of sale order.
  5. Production movement screen to move production output from one stage to another.
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