CRM Powersales

PowerSales Cloud is way to capture all your marketing and sales effort and convert them into real revenue. It is a way to bring your product in front of customers and then making sure that the product and services matching the customer’s requirements are sold to them, quickly and efficiently. The aim is to increase the visits of interested customers to your site and then eventually converting the site visit into a sale.

CRM Powersales

Capture leads from different means Online (Website, referrals etc.), Offline Telephone, Newspaper, Retail Customer walk-in, marketing campaigns (emails, Seminars, Cold Calling).

Allocate leads automatically

Allocate leads automatically to field sales and manage the complete lifecycle of Sale.

Convert the lead to an actual Deal

Convert the lead to an actual Deal, Create a customer and Contact information automatically

Track all the stages of the Deals

Track all the stages of the Deals till the Deal is closed.

Automate internal and external processes

Automate internal and external processes for every step in the sales pipeline.

Track the revenue generated

Track the revenue generated by a sales person, team or department.

Forecast revenue pipeline

Forecast revenue pipeline for coming months, quarters or years.

Produce intelligent reports

Produce intelligent reports for improving sales.

Capture Contacts & Customer

Capture Contacts & Customer data centrally.

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