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Customer Relationship Management Software India

Abaca CRM

Manage your Business in a better and planned manner with customizable CRM solutions.

Abaca CRM Cloud is a way to capture all your marketing and sales effort and convert them into real revenue.
Marketing and Selling is the center of all businesses, a way to bring your product & services in front of customer and then making sure it is matching the customer’s requirements are sold to them quickly and efficiently.

Abacasys Abaca CRM cloud is a way to-

Manage Online or Offline Lead generation Campaigns.

Capture Contacts and Customers at central location.

Convert Leads into Contacts and Deals.

Manage Deals, Projects and their different Stages.

Manage Sales Team, Channels, Distributors and Partner network and their targets

Accurate Forecast of Sales Pipeline Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

Track Deal notes, attachments and progress centrally.

Field Sales updates for all deals to central location.

Proven Industry process with flexibility to customize as per your unique requirements.

When you talk about CRM, you might mean any of three things:

CRM as Technology

This is a technology product, often in the cloud, that teams use to record, report and analyze interactions between the company and customer.

CRM as a Strategy

This is a business’ philosophy about how relationships with customers and potential customers should be managed.

CRM as a Process

Think of this as a system a business adopts to nurture and manage those relationships.

Abaca CRM Cloud

Abaca CRM Cloud is an online subscription based solution to simplify your sales and service Management by 

  • Managing all your leads at a central place.
  • Track Pipeline and Sales Team progress and performance
  • Engage with your customers

CRM Powersales


Capture leads of your products and services from different means Online (Website, referrals etc.), Offline Telephone, Newspaper Ad, Retail Customer walk-in, marketing campaigns (emails, Seminars, Cold calling).

  • Payments Follow-up
  • Self Service Reporting
  • Subscription to Reports
  • Sales Target
  • Hierarchy based Data control
  • Custom Fields and Customization’s
  • Project Management
  • Tour Tracker
  • Activity Streams for Sales Team
  • Location Map Reports
  • Membership and Admin Screen






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