DC Surveillance

Abaca offers security to your business premises with cloud-based hi-tech and real-time security with DC Surveillance.

DC Surveillance is a unique cloud-based hi-tech and real-time Surveillance security system that allows quick reaction to theft, and unwanted incidents. It works on the principle of Capture, Alert, Identify, Track and Report.

Abaca helps you secure your premises by offering DC Surveillance services. It includes installing state-of-the-art Internet cameras, i.e., the cameras are connected with the internet to capture pictures based on any movement in the monitored areas and immediately send the pictures to a central portal. The portal is accessible to the end user or security personnel remotely on the web or mobile devices immediately.

In comparison to standard CCTV cameras where a video is captured, the picture based system is easy to scroll through in minutes to pinpoint the incident. All data is stored centrally through a central camera surveillance system and there is no hardware needed other than the camera at the monitored site.

State-of-the-Art Solution

  • Built on the Oracle Technology
  • Real Time Monitoring & Turn Key Solutions
  • 100% Centralization of all the captured Data
  • Availability on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
  • No Local Hardware Except Cameras & Internet Connection
  • Pictures of all daily activities on the Dashboard
  • No Need to Search through the Videos of previous recordings
  • Facility of Remote Security Monitoring, and Configuration Maintenance
  • Monitoring of People, Vehicles and Suspicious Movements
  • Powerful Data Reporting

Powerful Camera & Technology

  • Uses latest Network Chipset based Camera Technology
  • Cameras Connected to Central Server in Real Time through Internet
  • No Local DVR or Storage required
  • Works on Motion based Imaging and not Video Recording
  • Converts Pictures to Data for Easy Analysis and Monitoring
  • Images available on Dashboard
  • Location-wise reporting of incidents in Real Time
  • Reporting on Incidents in Graphical Format and with Images
  • Easy integration of Data with other Applications
  • Powerful Data Reporting

Value Addition to Business

  • Centralizes all Location
  • Increases Productivity of Security Staff, resulting in cost reduction
  • Proactive monitoring by image look up
  • Data Collection of Gate Entry & Exit data
  • Reduces Theft and Crime
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