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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Abaca ERP

Manage your Business in a better and planned manneri with customizable ERP solutions.


Stock management will be easier with Abaca ERP. It helps you manage your inventory with real-time inventory control at every stage of stock management including ordering, receiving, quality check, issue, return and replacement.


Enable you to power up your purchase process by issuing Purchase Orders from multiple vendors and receive goods against them. Keep track of your payables, vendor ratings and accounts, ERP software that is customizable according to your individual requirements.


Manage your sales order effectively by integrating sale inquiries, sale orders, received orders and completed orders at one place. It also helps in the management of finished goods stock with complete information of each stage, including store requisition, packing, dispatch and invoicing.


Powerful and integrated and financial accounting software system that works without much effort. All the invoices, bills, payments, credit/debit-notes are auto-posted with approval, to provide accounting reports when required.


A unique module that is suitable for all industry domains with configurable workflows. You can create your own screens, data fields and flows without requiring long implementations. It helps in generating productivity reports for manpower, machinery and processes.

HR & Payroll

Plan and manage your human resource along business functions effectively with Human Resource System from Abaca. We offer one consistent platform to take care of all your human resource management needs with a software that is fully integrated with accounting system, captures auto attendance, create Payrolls(Shift, Full Time, Contractors), Tax and stature compliant reports and ease each month.


Abaca ERP comes with a unique set of features that help you integrate your business processes. Know more about how our features make it easier for you to manage your business efficiently.


Self Service Reporting

Our ERP generates searchable MS Excel type Reports and Graphs that can be e-mailed, downloaded and saved.



Works Everywhere

Our cloud based technology works on Mobile, Desktop and can be accessed from multiple locations.


Product Workflow Engine

Design your own workflows, screens, fields and attach to your production order. Our ERP Software works with all the industry domains.



Single Click Actions

Our ERP offers Single click actions for Posting, Approvals, Production Start/Stop, Generate reports and Month/Year End close.


Powerful Notifications

Avail Configure SMS and e-mail Notifications for events like Order Submitted, Invoiced, Shipped or Production Statuses, and do not miss any update.



Always Up to Date

We offer regular updates to keep your business up to-date with the latest innovations and technologies. GST, TDS and other statuory updates, including new features, are released every month.


Have queries regarding Abaca ERP? We have answered some common queries for you. Still have a query? Drop us a message and we will get back to you.

How can Abaca ERP improve or help business performance?

Abaca ERP Modules can improve a company’s business performance by developing the most efficient way to plan and schedule resources and optimize productivity. It provides a customized software solution to match your unique needs, and also improves decision making by providing information as you need it.

What are the most common modules of an Abaca ERP?

Typical function areas of Abaca ERP include Inventory or Stock Management, Purchase and Sale, Financial Accounting Software, Production Management, Human Resource Management Services. You can also add customized modules as per your unique business requirements.

Can we upload our current data to the new Abaca system?

You can easily transfer or convert data from any current system into Abaca ERP. We can easily upload current master data and transactions data, making the transition from your previous system quicker and easier.

Can I set up Abaca ERP in my own office on my own server?

Yes, Enterprise version of Abaca ERP is available on both, cloud and on-premises hosting.

Can Abaca ERP be accessed by my accounting team/Chartered Accountant that does not work from my office?

Yes, Abaca ERP is a cloud ERP that is designed keeping the Accounting community in mind and is accessible by your remote team from their office. You can also work jointly with Accounting team, so that they can watch your data entry and help you wherever required. Some of the Abaca ERP features and reports are designed only for accounting firms.

How much Abaca ERP costs?

The cost of Abaca ERP depends on your business size, users and modules you pick. Since Abaca ERP is a subscription based platform, you can start small and further customize according to your growing needs. Also, Abaca ERP does not require investment into hardware/server purchase and IT staff, as it includes everything in the package.

Is Abaca ERP Software just for big companies?

Abaca ERP software is equally beneficial for big, small and mid-sized companies. Every organization has their own processes and workflows that needs to be efficiently planned, whether they are big or small. Organization of all sizes can use Abaca for better data analysis and reporting, enabling them for an effective control and visibility of overall business activities.






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