Full Infrastructure Services

Full Infrastructure Services are delivered through Full Time Remote, On-site or mixed Dedicated Resources is provided for customers database environment. Customers can use Full Infrastructure services to cut their support cost by hiring certified staff in Oracle, AWS, Linux and Cloud.
Once Abacasys takes over its resources become a part of customer's team and the management of the customer's environment becomes Abacasys responsibility. All Abacasys support procedures, best practises and policies are implemented to provide a robust, stable and highly performing environment and at a much lower support cost.

Full Infrastructure Services

Full Infrastructure Services means assurance of service continuity. 

Readily Available Experts

We have certified experts available to deploy on your infrastructure.

Full Time Dedicated or Shared Support Model

Resources can be dedicated full time on your project or they can be made available in a shared model to reduce cost.

Best Practices and Process

Best practices and processes gathered over the year are implemented as a standard package.

Quick Response Time

An immediate response to issues is delivered, sometimes within minutes.

24X7 Coverage

Global coverage covering all shifts including 8X5, 16X5 and 24X7.

Lower Support Cost

With our Delivery centres located in both US and India, we can deliver the support services at the right price.

Ready Support Available for

  •  Oracle Database
  •  Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Glassfish Servers
  •  Linux Administration