IT Consulting

Abaca helps you stay updated and competitive in the marketplace. Our experts can help you optimize and upgrade your IT infrastructure.

Abaca helps in implementation of IT strategies that guarantee benefits and growth of the company. Abaca team has years of global experience in helping companies plan their digital transformation, like upgrading to cloud, cloud hosting, and IT investments. Be it a small business or a big enterprise, IT decision making becomes simple with Abaca IT Consulting.

IT Assessment and Guidance

The team of certified IT Architects of Abaca can provide the necessary solutions and guidance on IT investment by conducting an independent review of your current application and IT systems. The assessment exercise is undertaken by medium to large businesses for either stabilizing their existing systems or upgrading to newer solutions, including upgrading the system to cloud. At the end, a detailed assessment report will be generated by Abaca, pointing out the existing problems and their possible solutions. The report will, then, be used to review system and create a guided roadmap to enhance the productivity of your IT solutions.

IT Strategy and Roadmap

Our Consulting team comprises of experts with years of experience and in-depth knowledge about several business software & processes. By suggesting the ideal outsourced application support, Abaca help businesses achieve faster decision making with confidence. In addition, we can introduce businesses to vetted vendors & service providers in our regions, and provide on-site support for the execution of projects.

Cloud Readiness

Abaca’s consulting team can work with you to define a clear roadmap for cloud hosting and backup, thus eliminating the confusion of unwanted hype.


Abaca’s IT consulting experts can help assess your complete environment, products and help you make faster decisions.


Abaca helps its customers in the complete assessment of the performance of the technology stack.

Product & Technology Advisory

The IT consulting team of Abaca will assess and research the similar products & technology, and compare the technology with relevant products available in the market from different vendors.

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