Buy online, pickup in store

Store Pickup lets you buy items online and pick them up at a store. You place your order online, based on your location, the order is routed and fulfilled by a store near you, ready for pick-up as per your convenience.

Buy Online & Pickup at Store

An interesting e-Commerce concept through which you can order a product online and then either pick it up at a store near your or have the store deliver it to your doorstep.

Best Same Day Pickup

The intelligent system maps customer orders to the inventory of a store near customer’s location. This is by far the fastest delivery possible using online ordering.

Connects Distributors to Retailers

The solution can map all the distributors for a product online and help generate faster and more organised sales through distributors and delivery through Retail locations.

Incentivise your current network

As all the sales is now being tracked using this solution, it is easy to pay commission and incentives to your sales team and extended partners/distributors network.

Additional Sales Channel for Manufacturer

If you are already selling through a wide network of partner distributors or retailers, this solution will give your partners another way to receive orders. This will help beat the aggregator competition for you.

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