Oracle APEX User Interface Design

Oracle Apex comes with several in-built themes that are optimal for most in-house applications. These themes can be quickly customized to suit your needs. However if you have a completely unique design and want your Oracle Apex to look amazingly beautiful, you will need the help of a Graphic Designer and a Web Developer who has HTML5, JavaScript and bootstrap skills. Once you get what you need from the Graphic Designer and Web Developer you will need expertise in adding these designs to create a unique template design that will be applied to your application. Sounds complex? It is not with Abacasys specialized team of Graphic Designers, Web Developers and Apex UI Developers who all work in coordination to give you Web or Mobile Application the look you need.

Oracle Apex User Interface and Experience Design requires these steps at a high level.

Graphic Design

In this step an experienced User Experience Designer understands the application flow, the potential user base of the application and any reference sites you have for him. Using all this information the Graphic Designer comes up with a Wire Frame and reviews it with you. A wire frame is a design mock up that looks exactly similar to the real application design. After several reviews and updates to the wire-frame the Design mock up is ready for the next stage.

Web/Mobile Design

The Web/Mobile Designer will get the mock up and will convert it into a working prototype that can be run in a browser or a mobile simulator. The design is adjusted to work on all types of Web browser, mobile devices and Tablets screens. Once the code is ready it is handed over to the Apex UI Developer.

Template, Theme and Page Build

The Web/Mobile Design is now adjusted to create a template, theme or a page build. The complexity of the exercise depends on how big the application is (the number of pages and components on them). This activity is the last step before your application is ready with its new look. If you have created a new Template then the template can also be used for new pages, reports created in the future in the same application or multiple other applications.

Abacasys Team is specialized and experienced in over 50 business application user experience and interface designs. Our teams require very little time to understand the design concepts and can come up with stunning looking mock ups and application for your web or mobile Oracle Apex applications. Abacasys Apex Design Team will be able to help you do it right the first time. Please use 1-click-call-back to initiate a discussion with us. We will be glad to show you a few designs or quick mock-ups for your Oracle Apex design needs.


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