Outsourced Application Support

Abaca offers customized Application support to businesses. Our team of professionals will provide you with the freedom you need to grow.

Abaca’s Application Support Services help businesses carve out a customized support plan matching their business environment with a specialized IT Helpdesk. With Abaca, you can outsource application support services to get customized solution for your unique environment by adding your application, supporting web and application server, the underlying operating system, and the required response time.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment The team of Abaca will review the complete environment including database, applications, integration points, data, and provide a clear go or no-go decision for cloud migration along with a presentation on benefits, challenges, and expected ROI.
  • Managed Support ServicesWe offer complete support with dedicated resources for your on-premises, on-cloud or hybrid application environment.
  • Co-Managed Support ServicesWe help your team reduce the cost of underutilized resources by providing a complete and Ad-hoc service support on request, as per the need of your business.
  • Remote MonitoringOutsource your application support to our global team of support engineers for round-the-clock monitoring and problem resolution.
  • Cloud Planning, Architecture, Configuration, Migration and Roll-OutsOur application support services are available at Fixed price, in which we undertake your cloud migration project for complete execution in pre-defined process and timeframe.
  • Cloud Ready InstancesOur Outsourced Application Support, with tested and proven instances on the cloud for your Test/Dev, Training and DR Environments, is immediately available.
  • Cloud DR & Backup Setup and ConfigurationOur team is equipped to provide you with a Complete setup, configuration, data copy, and testing of disaster recovery site for your on-premises or cloud environment using Dataguard and AWS cloud.
  • End-to-End Upgrades & RolloutsOur team of experts will takeover of the upgrade as a project for complete execution including test upgrade, data move, production move planning, testing, data cutover and go-live rollout in fixed time frame model.
  • Performance OptimizationAbaca's Oracle experts can help you with the performance tuning of targeted problems and optimization of the complete environment with measurable results and ROI.
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