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Established as a Jam brand primarily by the UK-based Mitchell brothers, United Breweries(UB) group acquired Kissan from the Mitchell brothers in the year 1950. In 1993, Hindustan Unilever Limited acquired Kissan. Today Kissan is a leading food brand in the ketchup and jam segment in India and uses the marketing strategy of 4Ps i.e. Product, Price, Place, and promotion.
Kissan has products in three categories i.e. Jams, Ketchup, and squashes. The category of squashes is somewhat new compared to the other two Jams and ketchup, which the company has been promoting for quite many years and is giving neck-to-neck competition to other brands with their exciting product range. They have always focussed on providing different flavors in each category and, their products are available in various packaging options to suit the varied customer needs.
The company has a pan India presence and has a strong distribution network and, it facilitates their products to reach more customers. Nissan products are available both in Supermarkets and even in small villages.
Hindustan Unilever Limited is known for its marketing communication and, the case with Kissan is just no different. HUL spends heavy budgets in promoting Nissan through TV Advertisements, Print media, Newspapers, etc., and their primary focus has always remained on the ingredients used in their products. They target the mothers of the kids belonging to the middle class, to promote their product range and try to launch campaigns that involve kids. Like most other thriving brands, they introduce promotional offers from time to time to attract more customers and enjoy a strong presence among Indian families.

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