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“To become the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility.” Founded in the year 1917, BMW is a leading manufacturer of premium automobiles today. When it comes to branding and digital marketing, the company has created experiences beyond its product range.
The German carmaker’s Global Head of Digital Marketing, Jorg Poggenpohl at Mobile World Congress 2019, described how BMW is extending its content beyond automotive to “enlarge the upper sales funnel.” BMW along with their cars also focuses on creating content centered on lifestyle, fashion, and innovation. BMW is widely known for featuring celebrities to develop a deeper connection with its customers.
When it comes to competition, the company doesn’t hold back from Sarcastic marketing approaches and, all these have come out to be successful. One such sarcastic marketing approach the company used to promote its model 330e plug-in hybrid and teased Tesla and this worked largely in their favor.
The company also has partnerships with sports brands like Puma, making it the official supplier of their team and racewear. “The ultimate driving machine” has sales of 15000 the year 1974 and in 2009 it increased to 250,000 owing to their services, products, loyalty towards customers and their branding strategies. The company continues to research and innovate and keeps on bringing the driving pleasure to millions!

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