Collaborative marketing & powerful connections with customers worked for Adidas. - Abaca



“The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.”
Technology has always helped brands build relationships with their consumers and the case with Adidas is just no different. As per sources, the company spends 90% of its marketing budget on Social media and campaigns. They Are known for their speedy manufacturing and they also show the production process through videos and other mediums to their consumers and let them feel the craftsmanship and the consumer automatically feels inclined towards the product. Adidas puts its customer at the heart of everything. They try to create personal connections with their customers through various mediums. They value their customers and are on every platform where their customers are.
They are the best at innovation and collaborations. They listen to their customers and try to make their product better than ever in their process to innovate. They even make consumers, athletes, and singers part of their journey and hence reach the hearts of millions in the process. They have always focused on Credibility, experience, and sustainability.
They are known for studying consumer behavior and launching goods strategically according to the sports most loved in the region.

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