Constant innovation & evolving with Indian consumers helped Cadbury maintain the No.1 Position. - Abaca



“Cadbury means quality; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered”.
Cadbury was founded 200 years back by John Cadbury. Their most cherished chocolate Dairy Milk, was launched in the year 1905 and was quickly able to cope with the swiss milk chocolates and became the company’s best-selling chocolate in 1913.
Cadbury has its headquarters in Uxbridge, west London, and has branches in 50 countries today. As per (Stastista, 2011), Mars Company stands at No.1 while Cadbury is the second-largest confectionery brand after it. Talking about the Market share, as per (Stastista, 2011), Mars and Cadbury both hold a 15% market share in the confectionary industry-leaving behind Nestle, Hershey’s, and Ferrero.
If we talk of Cadbury India, It is an owned subsidiary of Kraft Foods Inc. The company started its operations in India in 1948 and imported chocolates to India. Today, Cadbury owns 5 manufacturing companies, 4 sales offices in India, and has its corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
In India, Cadbury deals in four categories i.e. Milk drinks, Candy, Chocolate, and gum. As for their marketing strategy, segmentation, targeting, and positioning; it is based on behavioral, demographics, and psychographic factors.
Cadbury targets people from all age groups. It has distinguished product offerings. Cadbury Temptations and Bourneville are for customers who are willing to pay more. Silk and other products are produced to cater to the audience looking for something affordable yet delicious. Cadbury makes its products available in almost all stores and has a big distribution channel and, it helps give the company a competitive edge.
Cadbury is smart and digs deep into consumer behavior like all other successful brands. Cadbury connects its products with different festivals and offers special packs to strengthen the link between festivals and their product range and makes their products a part of a celebration in the lives of everyone.

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