J&J’s sharp focus on mothers; emotional & mental communication to convince its customers. - Abaca



“Make diversity & inclusion how we work every day. Our mission is to make diversity & inclusion our way of doing business. We will advance our culture of belonging where opens and minds combine to unleash the potential of the brilliant mix of people in every corner of Johnson & Johnson.”
Founded more than 120 years ago, Johnson and Johnson has around 250+ companies in 57 countries. Best known for baby care products, the brand targets young parents in most of their advertisements.
J&J clean & clear brand is a skincare product that focuses on teen girls and promotes products with a model that beauty is in being happy in ones’ skin. They have also positioned themselves as a manufacturer of beauty products that are suitable for all skin types.
With their other products like Band-aid and Listerine Mouthwash, the company also positioned itself as a health care brand for families.
Today, the brand is widely known for its gentle care products and enjoys a magnificent presence among parents. One of the main reasons for their success is their Research and Development. They spend as much as 11% of their total sales on R&D and come up with something innovative that sets them apart from their competitors.
Johnson & Johnson has over 1 lac+ employee today and has a strong distribution network in India. The company distributes its products through wholesalers and retailers, supermarkets, and well-known e-commerce websites.
Quality, safety, and reliability are a few aspects on which J&J focuses on marketing. The brand tries to establish feelings of trust through emotional communication and focuses on mothers.
If we talk about campaigns, J&J launches various campaigns to promote their products. Most of their campaigns are focused on the impact of care. One such campaign that got the immense love of audiences was – For All You Love. This campaign was launched on television and print and reminded people of the positive impact of caring. The other campaigns that got immense love from the masses and helped them promote their products were campaigns like #ForEveryFace and #SeeWhatspossible under the brand Neutrogena J&J.
The brand has a well-planned content marketing strategy that helps them sell their products more effectively. They also have an independent content platform that interests young parents and expectant mothers. The platform is devoted to the baby products that they offer. It talks about parenthood and gives vital information about the babies and helps young parents deal with different conditions.

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