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INDIGO’s mission is to provide an open and inclusive space for reflection, discussion and action regarding the contemporary interpretation an application of traditionally inspired Indigenous design. To promote, encourage and facilitate relevance while respecting its historic and aboriginal legacy.
Started its operations in 2006 with a primary focus on low fares and best-in-class service, InterGlobe enterprises are the owner of Indigo. It is awarded as the ‘Best Domestic Low-Cost Carrier’ and has won many awards continuously from 2007-2015, for being the low-cost carrier. It has become one of the fastest and largest growing airlines by focussing on affordability, hassle-free travel experience, and on-time performance.
When it comes to Branding and Marketing, Indigo promotes itself with TVC and with Online advertising. The company focussed on providing low-cost passenger air transportation for both middle-class and lower-middle-class families. The company uses basic promotion methods including media vehicles like billboards, print media, and advertising on travel portals to promote its brand and services.
The company doesn’t invest in advertising much and focuses more on cost and availability. The career has captured the local market like no other and operating to a limited number of destinations has maintained their focus and helped them get a competitive edge. They employed various strategies to cut down the costs even further by connecting flights and made customers reach their destination with single aircraft. Indigo has successfully created a positive brand image among the customers by maintaining low costs and on time arrival.

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