Twenty shipments in the debut year & today, the most influential Indian e-commerce company! - Abaca



“Ab har wish hogi poori!!”
Founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company with its headquarters in Banglore Karnataka, India.
Started with the aim to sell books online, Flipkart now has everything that can be expected from e-commerce and has more than 75 million registered users. There National and Multinational e-commerce companies offer heavy competition to Flipkart but Flipkart very strategically managed to gain the trust of customers and became the most preferred and trustworthy platform to buy goods in India.
Flipkart brought a revolution in India in the e-commerce sector and gained the marketing leader positioning through branding strategies. From time to time, the brand launched various campaigns like “big billion day”, “Shopping ka Naya Address” “No Kidding, No Worries”, “Fair-Tale”, , “Shop Anytime, Anywhere” and these gave Flipkart the recognition and also promoted their services. They make use of the different mediums to promote their brands such as through Twitter, Facebook, TV commercials, and others.
Talking about the competition, Flipkart competes with Amazon, snapdeal and has positioned itself strategically and offered their customers varied delivery offers that have transformed India’s e-commerce sector. With their Cash on the delivery option, they have gained the trust of the wider audience. The audience that was not comfortable ordering goods online, has trusted Flipkart. The founders of the company, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who left Amazon for their entrepreneurial ideas, have enjoyed massive success.
Started their journey from a 2-room apartment and made just 20 shipments in the first year, Flipkart’s innovative branding strategies have helped them reach the heights of success. Flipkart’s success can be estimated from the fact that today its valuation is $24.9 billion!

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