Remote DBA Services

ABACA monitors the database server installation and administers it within the established guidelines offering businesses the required support.

Data is the backbone of any business. Most business applications are highly dependent on the availability and performance of their data. However, maintaining an Oracle database is complex and requires continuous involvement of experienced DBAs. The cost associated with Remote DBA Services is huge and over 50% of full-time DBAs are 80% underutilized. A remote DBA service provider, ABACA solves this very problem by utilizing its expert Oracle Remote DBA Services, Support Knowledge and Unique Smart Support Process in its state-of-the-art facilities in India.

  • 24X7 Single Point of Contact for all Database related issues.
  • Initial Installation, Configuration, Review and Problem Identification.
  • Installation of DBA automation scripts and tools for database health checks and alerts.
  • Data collection and automation for Oracle performance statistics and capacity reports.
  • Quarterly performance assessment to identify tuning problem areas.
  • Oracle critical error message reporting and resolution.
  • Oracle Service Request creation and follow-ups.
  • Immediate 24X7 response for emergency Oracle database errors and solutions.
  • 24X7 monitoring team for all the environmental health problems.
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