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abaca tech talent

Add Tech Talent to your Team

Abaca helps the right companies acquire the right tech talent. Our tactics are agile and flexible, and we procure the top 1% of the tech talent for companies to hire for any project or task. We find the best professionals to meet specific requirements for as long as they are needed.

Associate with Abaca to Gain Access to Reliable

Edify your team by hiring highly competent tech professionals for additional support and build world-class products faster and cost-effectively.

World class Infrastructur

World-class Infrastructur

Our ideal infrastructure augments the functioning of our team. All our offices come with video conferencing, separate calling areas, fast internet leased lines, and fully stocked pantries giving your team the comfort they deserve and perform to the best.


Your Extended Team and Offices in India

Offshoring is not just limited to large companies. Having an offshore team gives you an advantageous edge. In addition to saving on human resource costs, you also save on office rentals, administration costs, and the learning curve of technology.


The Culture that adapts
with yours

We recruit well-versed professionals proficient in the English language to ensure there is no room for communication barriers. We have many years of experience working with global companies.


Ideal Dual Shore

Abaca offers you the dual shore model where your acquired team works offshore but can travel to your country for face-to-face discussions and meetings.

Why Offshore with ABACA?

There are innumerable reasons to Offshore with Abaca. We not only help you hire the top tech talent, but we also allow them to work to the best of their ability by providing them with an ideal workspace, the best of technology, and training.

abaca tech talent

It's not just offshoring with us
it is your expansion to india

India is the fastest-growing market for many Products and Services. Abaca is a well-recognized IT firm in India with an enormous consumer base. Gain an advantageous edge by accessing Abaca’s network of sales and distribution, brand value, and experience of selling in India.

We Bulid World Class Teams

We recruit the most competent and reliable tech professionals to make up for world-class teams. We offer real-time system monitoring for all your remote teams using the customer cloud portal, giving you access to what your team member is working on in real-time, removing any chance of over-billing.

abaca tech talent
abaca tech talent

We Set-up Remote Infrastructure

Once teams are finalized and allotted with the tasks or projects, we will set up remote infrastructure and provide them Laptops or Computers, hardware, and software, such as workstations, servers, network devices, storage devices, etc. s to enhance their productivity. We also set up designated meeting rooms with advanced technology to ensure smooth communication.


Once we brief the team and establish the workflow, our trained team will add value to your development processes. Our professionals have experience in projects on Scrum, Waterfall, and Hybrid development approaches. We ensure you of a well-planned and implemented workflow.

abaca tech talent
abaca tech talent


Our proficient support team constitutes bilingual professionals, well-versed with the English language, ensuring you of smooth, error-free communication. Trained by Industry experts, they consistently enhance their knowledge and expertise to keep up with the advancing tech.

Engagement Models

Our engagement models for hiring offshore developers are based on a specification mentioning – the budget, deliverables, and timeline to ensure that all you needs are met within a predetermined timeline.

Dedicated Team Model

  • Hire offshore staff for up to 160 hours a month
  • Manage team using your own methodologies
  • Get real-time updates on project development
  • Monthly billing cycles
dedicated model
dedicated model

Flexi Project-Model

  • Fix the project cost before hiring developers
  • Hire developers on a long-term basis
  • Extend your existing team & reduce time to market
  • Flexibility to change scope at nominal charges

Times & Materials Model

  • Pay for the work done in hours
  • Add or revoke hours based on requirements
  • Communicate via your own preferred channels
  • Real-time updates via timesheet
dedicated model

Ready to Build an Offshore Development Team ?

Resource Pools With ABACA

We have a strong pool of professionals available that you can induct into your team immediately.
We also hire on-demand resources with the assistance of our award-wining recruitment team.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development

Build an impressive Store on Shopify, WordPress, or Magento

UX/UI Design for Web Development

UX/UI Design for Web Dev

Ensure an Incredible End-User experience and design for easy navigation

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Build your unique product, service presentation on the web

Design System & Branding

Design System & Branding

Impactful Logo, Colours, typography, and Story compilation


Software Developers

Software Developers

Technical Architect

Technical Architect

Project Managers

Project Managers

Delivery Managers

Delivery Managers

Abaca Featuress

Quality Engineers

Abaca Featuress

Oracle DBA

Abaca Featuress

AWS Administrators

Abaca Featuress

AWS Developers

Abaca Featuress

24x7 Application Support Engineers

Abaca Featuress

24x7 Operations Non Engineers

Steps To Start.

With over 15 years of experience in Global Delivery, it is in the DNA of Abaca. With the added advantage of world-class facilities, location, and processes, Abaca is a proven offshoring partner for many companies like yours.

abaca tech talent

Sign Up

Easy & secure sign-up. We share NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Master Services Agreement, and review and accept your specific working terms. A SPOC(Single Point of Contact) is allocated to you.

We Understand Your Business

Our technical manager, recruitment team, and fulfillment manager understand your requirements over a detailed meeting. We document an ideal candidate/team Job Description and get it reviewed by you.

abaca tech talent
abaca tech talent

It is All About Hiring The Best

We select candidates through our comprehensive hiring process. The selected candidate profiles, key capabilities, and interview results are shared with you. We set up a meeting between you and the candidate. Upon selection, the Candidate SOW (Scope of Work) document is signed.

Resource Induction To team

The final candidate is inducted into the team. The new candidate is familiarized with the workflow to enable them to understand and adapt and become effective as soon as possible.

abaca tech talent

Global Businesses Choose Abaca To


Their Digital Transformation

Connect to a
Transformed Tomorrow
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Recognized for Delivering Value
& Quality Work

Every award we’ve earned is a reflection of our consistent hard work, competence, and unparalleled service.

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