Traffic Monitoring

We at Abacasys, have an innovative system named “DoorCounts” for retailers that captures real time images of every customer who walks into your store. That information then flows seamlessly into the DoorCounts matrix, providing simple-to-understand reports revealing customer traffic patterns by location, date and hour, and most importantly, your store’s traffic- to sales conversion rate. It captures crisp digital images of every customer, monitors your advertising effectiveness and added security makes it extremely useful.

DoorCounts Store Traffic Analyzer

Powerful real-time information for store owners and managers. All shown on easy to read, graphs and charts. See customer counts by event, hour, day, week, or month. No computers to buy or maintain. Cloud-based and stored until you need it.


With DoorCounts, you’ll know exactly who came to your store, when and what they purchased.

Accurate Customer Counts

DoorCounts documents the actual date and time of each customer visit. You can view the images in Real time even if you are not there.

Sales accountability and Hiring

With accurate traffic counts, you’ll understand exactly how much hiring is required for your business by day part and easily see how many sales are made —and lost.

Eliminates the mystery

Missed opportunities will no longer be unknown. By reviewing accurate store traffic counts vs. sales, you will begin to understand the reasons for missed sales.

Monitor your advertising effectiveness

With accurate traffic counts, you’ll be able to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing budgets.

Added Security

Images of every person who comes in your front door will be stored on the DoorCounts server, providing a useful resource for unusual sales situations and for loss prevention.

Easy to Read Reports

How many people really visit your store? By Hour, by day, by week, and by location.

Document traffic patterns

DoorCounts reveals customer traffic patterns by hour, day, week, month, season or annually.

Save money on Hiring

Comparing historical trends to current data allows you to better manage store personnel and resources.

Traffic to sales conversions

How many customers get away? Traffic divided by number of sales provides a conversion ratio. Once you start counting it, you’ll be able to increase it.

Convenient access to information

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to sign into the DoorCounts server. Instantly access critical customer information via your desktop, laptop, or tablet to see how daily transactions are made and how many customers have come into your store.

Reasons for missed sales

With the information from DoorCounts, you’ll be able to review your store’s sales process. Determine reasons for missed sales and recommendations for improvement.

Simple to Use and Maintenance Free

Cameras and the Internet — No expensive equipment needed.

Easy to Install

It will be installed within hours at your retail location and immediately start providing you critical employee, customer, Sales and marketing data.

Who Can benefit from Doorcounts?

DoorCounts is best utilized by retailers that typically have an extended period of engagement with their individual customers. Virtually, every large-ticket item retailer can benefit from DoorCounts, among them:

  • Appliance stores
  • Home furnishing stores
  • Home Electronics stores
  • Mattress stores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Fashion boutiques
  • Automobile dealers
  • Bicycle shops
  • Motorcyle and ATV dealers
  • Farm and Implement dealers
  • Any retailer with sales and customers

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