Cloud Migration: Get in Front of Your Options

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud refers to servers that are accessible over the Internet. Software and databases run on these servers, eliminating the need for physical servers. The Cloud helps reduce investment in technological infrastructures, optimizes flexibility, mobility etc. It simplifies the use by enabling organizations or users to get rid of the constraints of a traditional computer tool.

In simpler terms, cloud computing is a remote service platform used to store information and execute applications. It is a way of externalizing infrastructure by letting individuals run services and data online. It eliminates the need to install software locally onto each user terminal.

What is Cloud Migration!?

Moving digital assets such as data, workloads, IT resources, applications, etc. to cloud infrastructure is known as Cloud Migration. It refers to upgrading data from legacy infrastructure or an on-premises data centre to the cloud. The business world is transforming & almost every company is considering switching from conservative computer tools to cloud for database operations.

Now that you’re familiar with the concept of Cloud Migration, we've enlisted the most important things companies must take into account when considering it

There are innumerable cloud offerings available in the meantime. It is important to make the right decision. Cloud migration is a crucial step for any organization. Determining how, where, and what they move to the cloud is key to making the right choice. Determine why your business needs to move to the cloud.

The right Cloud Migration Expert will implement your cloud strategy with a structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration while laying a secure foundation for continuous performance improvements.

Planning a Cloud Migration?

Plan with Abaca.

Strategize with a Cloud Architect

Cloud architects can assist you in establishing a cloud foundation. Decide upon the cloud platform best suited for your business. Clear out your queries related to security & plan a comprehensive strategy for migration.

Decide upon the level of Cloud Integration

Which applications and databases do you want to migrate? You do not need to migrate everything. Make an informed decision. You can opt for a mix of cloud integration. Choose which applications and databases you want to stay on-premises and which ones you want to move to the cloud.

Single Cloud or Multi-Cloud?

You can use more than one vendor for your company's cloud footprint. Using multiple cloud vendors can help you take advantage of the applications & databases' strengths.

Set up Performance Baseline

Establish a baseline for applications and database performance before cloud migration to ensure there is no negative impact on the customer experience. Take the Key Performance Indicators into account during cloud implementation to confirm if the applications and databases are performing as expected.

Prioritize the order of Migration

Make sure the applications and databases you want to migrate are organized. Align services with their dependencies & migrate them first. Consider the migration of internal applications first following the complex migrations. Once you have planned out the cloud migration, next comes designing a dynamic cloud platform best suited to optimize your business at its core.

Finalize a Detailed Plan with Defined Tasks & Timelines

A detailed timeline will keep the cloud migration on track and enables a smooth transformation.

Retooling of Applications

Application retooling will enhance the performance, network connections, utilization & interfaces. It all comes down to a Successful Cloud Migration. Migration is the most crucial part of moving an organization to the cloud. The migration process is completed using advanced tools. It is important that the move is smooth and does not negatively impact the business.

Cloud providers often have multiple storage options which you can choose from based on purpose, cost, data, and retrieval requirements. Syncing data byte by byte is also an intricate part of the process.

Post Migration

Successful migration does not ensure smooth functionality, which is why post-migration services are important. Back-ups, performance, auto scanning, elasticity, high availability and future growth are assured via reliable post-migration service.

Choosing the right Cloud consultant/ provider can accelerate your cloud adoption journey with a seamless, low-risk, secure, cost-efficient approach & tackle the migration challenges.

If you want to make a progressive move and opt for cloud migration, contact us now.

Abaca provides a complete end-to-end migration service and helps you accelerate your journey to the cloud with a strategic approach that includes the data centre, infrastructure, apps, security, and OMCS.

What sets us apart?

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Rapid Development and Beyond With Oracle APEX

Dependable & Data-centric application development or rapid development? What is your priority?

In the domain of web development, one often has to choose between two equally important aspects, browser-friendly & data-centric web applications or fast development via fast prototyping.

You no longer have to choose since Oracle APEX now gives you the best of both worlds. Web applications are an intricate part of every business in the meantime. Users choose web applications over desktop application due to their responsiveness, i.e., their easy accessibility on desktop or mobile devices alike.

The need for storing & handling data has increased manifolds over the years, which is why database systems are extremely important to ensure an organization's smooth working. Oracle, a distinguished database manufacturer is renowned for the 'Oracle Database' which allows users to read as well as write significant amounts of data. Upon realizing the growing requirement of fast development of web applications, Oracle incepted the online development environment 'Oracle Application Express (APEX)', a no-cost plugin for Oracle Database.

The Amalgam of Development Environment and Database
Oracle APEX is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle Database. It's a browser-based interface, declarative programming framework which is easy to grasp and empowers you to quickly develop effective and robust applications.

Being browser-based, Oracle APEX is independent of the operating system underneath. Installed on Oracle Database, Oracle APEX has direct access to the corresponding database, which means no persistence layer is required to exchange data between the database and the developed application.

Owning an Oracle Database is a prerequisite of gaining access to Oracle APEX, which is why it is most advantageous for organizations that already operate Oracle Database.

Programming Made Easy
Oracle Database lets one avail packages and functions that equip developers to augment their databases by writing source code with PL/SQL. Invented by Oracle, PL/SQL extends the common SQL functionality with features known from distinct programming languages.

PL/SQL does not require a persistence layer to gain access to the database. In packages and functions, PL/SQL can be integrated with ordinary SQL, enabling an easy & fast way to write impeccable PL/SQL scripts. Oracle APEX has many advantageous edges, it makes developers' lives as easy as possible since there is no need to learn any additional programming or scripting languages. Programmers can use pre-existing technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. to design web applications easily.

An Advantageous Headstart - Rapid GUI Prototypes
As a default layout theme for the graphical user interface (consecutively GUI) Oracle APEX comes with the Universal Theme and the Theme Roller as an easy-to-use tool to adapt the Universal Theme individually. There is no need to spend time on the GUI at the very beginning. Thus the developer can directly start with implementing the business logic.

This is the reason why Oracle APEX is feasible to create rapid GUI-Prototypes without logic. Thus prospective customers can get an idea of how their future application will look.

Keeping Up with Globalization
Multilingual applications are gaining momentum rapidly. Acknowledging the hype, Oracle improvised and equipped Oracle APEX with powerful translation utilities to translate entire applications with ease. The default language, the language in which APEX application is originally developed, is translated without effort or error. All the labels, buttons, region titles, every detail is translated.

Maximized Security - Authenticate & Authorize
Oracle has developed a powerful yet easy-to-use approach to secure web applications developed using Oracle APEX. A user must request access to read or edit data, this process is called authentication. Different authentication schemes are applied to ensure complete security. After authentication, the next step is authorization. Authorization schemes manage what permissions a user has. Almost everything in Oracle APEX like pages, regions, items, buttons, validations, processes can be restricted with an authorization scheme.

To sum up, Oracle APEX is a powerful development environment created as a no-cost plugin for Oracle Database. It is ideal for accelerated development and rapid prototyping. Being a powerful yet easy-to-use platform that enables the development of multilingual, secure and high-functioning web applications which are independent of their dimensions.

If you want to know more about Oracle APEX & how it can be used to optimize your organization's functioning, speak with our experts now!

Hire Professional Abaca Oracle Consultants & Migration Experts from Abaca. We’ve successfully developed, implemented and maintained Oracle solutions in numerous environments and industries.