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Our Expert Teams constitute of Top 1% of Tech Talent recruited through a comprehensive talent acquisition process. All our team members are bilingual and culturally adaptive

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Top 1%
Tech Talent

Our stringent parameters and comprehensive talent acquisition process enable us to recruit Top 1% of the Tech Talent.

Dedicated Development Team


All our team members are eloquently spoken and are either bilingual or multi-lingual, ensuring smooth, error-free communication.

Resource on Demand

Time Zone

Our team adapts to your time zone to make it easy and effective for you to work with them at the time of your convenience.

Excellent Professionals. Exceptional Skills.

Build an incredible team with Abaca to give your company an
extraordinary edge.

What Sets Our Team Apart?

At Abaca, we find, recruit and retain brilliant tech professionals for you to gain access to. Our stringent parameters and exceptional hiring practices ensure we recruit only the best of professionals.

Multicultural Team


Our team constitutes professionals belonging to different cultural backgrounds that adapt to the clients’ culture. It boosts the work environment and enhances creativity and productivity.

Unparalleled Experience


We ensure that our team constitutes experienced professionals who can understand and carry out complex tasks and work on multi-dimensional projects.

Resource on Demand


The world of technology advances at a fast pace and is ever-evolving. Our tech-savvy professionals consistently work on enhancing their skill set per the changing tech trends.

Resource on Demand


Our tech experts will be available to resolve your queries or provide assistance with any technical issues you may be facing.

The Roadmap

Know how to work effectively with a
software outsourcing company

Deliberate Over The
Development Model

Depending upon the size, complexity, timescale, and budget of your project, discuss and decide upon the best-suited development model.s


Define the project specifications and prepare a detailed brief to enhance the planning and implementation processes.

Finalize an
Outsourcing Partner

Take your requirements and goals into consideration, choose the outsourcing partner that edifies your in-house team in terms of skills and expertise.


Use Advanced Project Management Tools To Track The Progress Of Your Project And Take Steps To Improve The Strategies And Workflow.


Depending upon the size, complexity, timescale, and budget of your project, discuss and decide upon the best-suited development model.

Some of our expert profiles

Our team constitutes professionals with distinct fortes fit for various roles.
Our talent pool encompasses experts of every role required in the process of the project’s successful completion.

•Scrum master

•Software Art.

•Project manager

•Aut. Engineer

•Business analyst

•QA Engineer

•Technical Lead

•UX/UI Designer

•Software Eng.

•DevOps Engineer

Client Reviews

Mr. Brad Parker

LA-Z-BOY Portland

Hey team Abaca, Greetings from Portland, Oregon. I just wanna take a minute to say thank you for all your hard work, you are amazing.

Mr. Doug Rein

Founder, Floorboard LLC

We used Abaca to migrate to AWS Oracle RDS service. We found that they have subject matter experts in almost all the areas we needed on AWS.

Mr. Kal Sadra

Director, Jussforms Ace Pvt. Ltd.

Abaca understands the unique requirements of each client and goes beyond expectations to deliver the best-suited solutions.

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