Abaca Story

Abaca takes its name from a species of banana plant, native to Philippines and spread across the humid tropics. A fibre plant, abaca fibre is braided together to make strong ropes. Ropes that help us in reaching new heights in life, to achieve success.
Just like Abaca ropes, Abaca, as a company, is a rope that provides support to businesses in attaining success. We help companies integrate and organize their business processes and grow. Our services are like knots of rope that act as a ladder of success for your business.

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Abaca ERP

In today's competitive world, Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an indispensable tool for businesses to manage different processes in a better and cost-effective manner. Abaca's Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP enables businesses to integrate their processes at one place, optimizing the resources in hand. No matter what your industry is, Abaca helps you run an intelligent, effective and cost-efficient business with a range of process-specific modules that can be customized to match your unique needs.


Abaca Apps Platform

Abaca Apps platform is a result of over 10 years of research and development in the area of internet computing, to make it suitable for the business environment in a user-friendly and cost-effective manner. Technically, Abaca Apps platform is a tool that can automate any business process rapidly helping it achieve data capture, workflows & notifications, approvals, reporting and centralization of enterprise data securely. A custom software development platform, Abaca Apps Platform is based on the technology of Oracle and is optimized to cost effectively bring all routine data into the database and online for data analysis and reporting.

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IT Consulting

Abaca helps you stay updated and competitive in the marketplace. Our expert consultants can help you optimize and upgrade your IT infrastructure. Abaca has years of global experience in helping companies plan their digital transformation and IT investments. If you are planning to take the next leap by investing in IT and are looking for expert guidance on IT Roadmap, we can help you.

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Our Global Experience

Abaca is a trusted IT and Software partner of some of the leading brands of USA, South Africa and India. Here's a showcase of our partner brands.

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