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Ace Your Tech Goals with a Designated Development Team

Abaca helps companies across the world build scalable, reliable, and proficient dedicated development teams to help you accomplish your software goals within ambitious timeframes.

Dedicated Development Team

Proven Talent Acquisition

We follow rigorous parameters and HR practices to find, recruit and retain the top 1% of the tech talent for you to access easily. Our strict hiring process allows us to pick the most adept team.

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Make a Mark with Remarkable Professionals on your Team

Build the right dedicated team with the right skill set to achieve your technology goals and fulfill your vision. Hire a dedicated team of experts with distinct fortes that can understand, execute and accomplish your goals.


Awesome Professionals for your Business

Awesome Professionals for your Business

QA Engineers

Quality assurance engineers oversee the quality of the entire development lifecycle, ensuring the end product is bug-free.

Backend Engineers

A lot happens backstage. Our backend engineers take care of complex inner logic and crucial background components.

Frontend Engineers

Frontend engineers tackle the user interface elements of a software or website right from functionality to the look & feel of the site.

Project Managers

Leading the development team toward success, the project managers initiate, plan, design, execute and supervise the development process.

DevOps Engineers

They are responsible for coordinating with developers to ensure smooth and timely development, operations, and testing efforts.

Business Analysts

They evaluate processes, determine requirements, and make necessary suggestions, acting as an intermediary.

UX/UI Designers

They ensure that the user experience is intuitive, simple, and engaging by creating conceptual, high-end designs.

Dedicated Teams Benefits

Front-end engineers tackle the user interface elements of a software or website right from functionality to the look & feel of the site.

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Top 1% Tech

We find and recruit the most adept individuals through our comprehensive hiring process, ensuring you of the best tech professionals.

Dedicated Development Team

Free Up Internal

Acquire a diligent dedicated team from Abaca and allow your internal tech staff to move on to other initiatives.

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Avoid Team
Management Issues

Hire and assign a managed team of IT professionals to your project and leave the management intricacies to us.

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Cost And Time

Hiring a dedicated development team from Abaca will save you time and money. Get more value at a lesser cost, in lesser time.

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No Hardware/
Software Costs

By hiring a dedicated team you do not incur any additional hardware/software costs as they already have their workspaces set up.

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Available From Day

The dedicated development team from Abaca is all geared up to start working immediately for quick turnaround times.

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Abaca understands how much value your project holds for you and thus we facilitate collaborative engagement so that you can actively participate in the process.

Make an Informed Decision

Dedicated Team Model Vs. Time & Materials Model Vs. Fixed-Price Model

Time & Materials Model

The time and materials model involves payment for the time and effort spent on development — that is, for the actual time spent implementing planned project functionality. As for the budget, the actual cost may differ from the estimated cost. The time and materials model is ideally suited for long-term projects requiring continuously changing conditions.

This model works for projects in which requirements change according to the needs of the business, projects that depend on the market situation, projects for which detailed specification is not yet defined.


Dedicated Team

A dedicated team model is considered ideal for long-term projects with vague requirements that are subject to change. In a dedicated team model, the outsourcing firm assembles the right dedicated team consisting of professionals who have the right skill sets to match the requirements of the client.

The firm also overlooks the intricacies of the project and manages the team, taking the feedback of the client into consideration.

Fixed-Price Model

The fixed price model is considered riskier for developers since all risks are on them. It is most suited for short-term small or medium-sized projects that are developed in several iterations with a fixed price. A long preparation period is needed as all requirements for implementation and deadlines must be documented.

This model can work for small projects with a limited scope and hardly any room for change. The budget is defined before the start of the project workflow and its size doesn’t depend on the hours worked or the amount of work performed.

Set up a Dedicated Team with Abaca Now

At Abaca, we follow top-grade practices to acquire highly talented IT professionals to build ideal dedicated development teams for global companies. We go the extra mile to find the right professionals to match your requirements.

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Discuss and Define Project's Scope

Dedicated Development Team

Select top tech engineers with distinct fortes

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Appoint a manager to overlook the project and coordinate with the team

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Determine the tools and technologies & define a roadmap