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Talent Acquisition

Abaca goes above and beyond to find, recruit & retain diligent, highly-qualified professionals.

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Why Partner with Abaca

Recruiting the Right Talent
for the Right Companies

At Abaca, we go the extra mile to track down and recruit the best tech professionals. Our stringent parameters and strenuous recruitment processes allow us to hire the best tech experts with distinct fortes. We lead with a clear vision to procure the right talent for the right companies to hire.

Proven Talent Acquisition Process

Acquiring the right Talent is our primitive responsibility, and we fulfill it diligently. Our stringent parameters and exacting hiring process enable us to recruit the best of tech professionals with distinctive strong suits. We Hire through Sourcing and Technical Skill Assessment.

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We recruit candidates from distinct sources to match your needs. Global companies rely on our hiring expertise and experience.

Talent Hunting

Talent Hunting

Our Talent hunting program allows us to hunt ideal candidates from multiple sources such as recruitment partners, job portals, reference networks, and industry contacts.

College Hiring

College Hiring

Our strong tie-ups with over 50 leading colleges in the region allow us to pick and choose the best candidates through our comprehensive campus assessment and onboarding program.


Our 3-dimensional assessment allows us to recruit the top tech talent.

Telephone HR Interview

Our HR recruitment specialist conducts a telephonic interview. A standardized set of questions are asked to know the candidates and understand their experience history and communication skills. They are given the rundown on the roles and responsibilities of the project, and the candidate provides a self-assessment on the project-specific skill set.

In-Office Project Day

The candidate selected is asked to spend a day with us in our office. During this time, the candidate is met and gets technically assessed on several relevant skills. The candidate is assigned a small project to complete and present before he leaves for the day.

Skype/Video Technical Interview

A Skype/ Video Technical Interview follows to assess the proficiency and in-depth knowledge of the field of the selected candidates. The interview determines whether or not the skill set of the candidate matches the requirements of the project.

Client Video Interview

Once the candidate is through with all the hiring steps of Abaca, we set up a video/skype call between the client and the candidate. During this discussion, the client makes the final assessment if the candidate is suitable for the role. We are now ready to board the candidate to your team.

Why Outsource with Abaca?

Top 1% IT Talent

Top 1% IT Talent

Enhanced Productivity and Performance

Enhanced Productivity and Performance

Custom Teams and Solutions

Custom Teams and Solutions

Advanced Product development

Advanced Product development

Unparalleled Technological Competence

Unparalleled Technological Competence

Unparalleled Technological Competence

Unparalleled Technological Competence

Our Software Development Services

We assist businesses of all kinds to achieve their unique goals via our end-to-end custom software development solutions.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Upgrade your software development capabilities with our skilled, reliable, & professional dedicated team



Gain access to Top 1% Tech Talent and achieve your technology goals faster by leveraging 24*7 additional support.

Software Outsourcing

Software Outsourcing

Achieve your software goals faster at lower costs. Tell us your master plan and we’ll turn it into a masterpiece.

Create a Custom Team with Abaca

Let us help you acquire the top tech talent.

Acquaint with us

Tell us about your company, share your business plans and discuss the projects with our expert.

Access our Team

Gain access to our top tech professionals and connect with your assigned custom team

Kick Start your Project

Our team will efficaciously collaborate with your in-house team to get your project started.

Accomplish your vision

Witness your plans turn into reality with the best tech professionals being on your team.

Hire Software Developers Through Abaca

We Offer Everything you Look for in Your Software Development Partner

Effective Communication

Our bilingual or multilingual professionals are well-versed with the English language and enable smooth communication, leaving no room for error.

Industry Expertise

We have attained unmatched experience and industry expertise over the years by working with many prominent companies in the arena.

Time Zone Compatibility

Our team adapts to the time zone of our clients effortlessly, ensuring smooth communication and hassle-free workflow.

Top Tech Talent

We have a team of top tech professionals with exceptional skills and experience that are equipped to take on and accomplish any project.

100% Security Assurance

We assure you of 100% security as we follow stringent security protocols and reassure you of complete knowledge retention.

World-Class Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies enhances our enable our team to work to the best of their ability and develop high-end products.

Dominate the World of Technology with Real Talent On Your Side

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Technology plays a key role in progression. Advance at a fast pace by leveraging the top tech talent and gain an unsurpassed edge. Stay ahead of the competition and integrate state-of-the-art technology and techniques into your business.

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Recognized for Delivering Value
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Every award we’ve earned is a reflection of our consistent hard work, competence, and unparalleled service.

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