Upgrade and Transform Your
IT with Abacasys

In today’s digital landscape, staying ahead demands proactive IT upgrades and transformation.

At Abacasys, we offer tailored IT solutions to enhance performance, streamline operations, and drive innovation. From modernizing legacy systems to cloud migration and implementing cutting-edge technologies, our experts guide you every step of the way.

Unlock new possibilities and achieve sustainable growth with Abacasys.


Why Upgrade and Transform?

Reduced Efficiency

Outdated technology reduces innovation and efficiency, preventing users from operating at their best and competing effectively.

High Maintenance Costs

Legacy systems incur increasing costs to maintain.

New Expectations

Modern customers expect real-time information availability, and a seamless user experience is a requirement, not an option.

Cloud vs. On-Premises

On-premises applications are limited, whereas cloud environments provide faster, more secure data access while reducing operational costs.

Capabilities customized to your needs


Upgrade your applications

Modernization to Cloud

Upgrade your applications to the latest devices with Abacasys PowerApps Platform, built on Oracle technology and cloud.

Oracle Forms to Web & Mobile

Transform Oracle Forms-based applications into modern web and mobile apps.

Legacy Application Upgrade

Transition old applications to the latest technology.


Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Cloud Transition

Upgrade on-premises servers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), AWS, Azure, or hybrid environments.


Our cloud expertise ensures seamless infrastructure upgrades and continuity across environments.


Upgrade Your Data

Data Transformation

Migrate your data to the cloud for robust analytics that empower timely and informed business decisions.


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