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About Us

About Us


Welcome to Abacasys, a smart, business savvy, fearless innovative IT organization created by technology loving entrepreneurs!!
We began in 2006 and set out to become a trusted technology partner for companies who wanted to invest in IT to help them make money, save money or improve business processes, and that’s what we became. Today Abacasys provides Products, Solutions and Services in USA, ME and India.

Abacasys is a leading professional services organization that uses technology to help businesses to improve processes and performance to achieve competitive advantage. An Oracle, Microsoft and AWS partner with a strong management team, first class customer service history and a proven track record of successful service delivery, Abacasys retained as a trusted adviser by many leading organizations.

Employing only the best people with deep industry and business expertise, and demonstrating a collaborative and flexible approach to every engagement, Abacasys has focused on returning genuine onshore and offshore choice capabilities. Providing a credible alternative to the largest Consulting firms for our customers who are looking for the right long-term partner at the most advantageous terms. Today, we are still focused on customer’s uptime, delight and experience, all the time.
It’s simple promise but it means a lot to our customers and it’s the fulfillment of this promise that’s made us most trusted partners for our customers.

Abaca Story

Abaca takes its name from a species of banana plant, native to Philippines and spread across the humid tropics. A fiber plant, abaca fiber is braided together to make strong ropes. Ropes that help us in reaching new heights in life, to achieve success.
Just like Abaca ropes, Abaca, as a company, is a rope that provides support to businesses in attaining success. We help companies integrate and organize their business processes and grow. Our services are like knots of rope that act as a ladder of success for your business.


Company values

Do the right Thing

know your customer’s business

zero ego organization

About Abaca

Abaca is an IT Solutions and Software Outsourcing Company, with an expertise in Customized Software Solutions, IT consulting, AWS Consulting, Cloud Support and Customized ERP Software Solutions. Abaca helps you streamline your processes with a bouquet of customized services, and takes care of all the IT-related requirements to make your business future-ready.

Fueled by a pioneering spirit, Abaca, as a company, endeavour to help businesses achieve their goals with innovative solutions and professional IT consulting. We strive to serve you with innovative and competitive services.

A partner of Oracle, Microsoft, and AWS (Amazon Web Services), we create customized software solutions that match your unique Business Management needs. As a company, our prime focus has always been to offer our customers the desired solutions and a glitch-free IT experience.

Equipped with a team of qualified and passionate professionals who thrive on technology, we have been able to provide our clients with exemplary services.

Abaca feels proud to have made its presence felt globally with over 1000 installations across the continents, over a span of 12 years. Our competitive services have made us a trusted partner; and we strive to bring innovative solutions to help businesses grow to newer heights.

Abaca, today, has its branches in USA, South Africa and India.

Happy Clients

We serve our clients with great values

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