Abacasys, established in 2006, is a global leader in IT services, delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions that drive business transformation. With our headquarters in the United States and major operations in India, UAE and South Africa, we are dedicated to helping enterprises navigate their digital journeys with confidence and agility.

We specialize in managed infrastructure services, including cloud services, data management, networking, and security. Our expertise spans across multiple industry domains, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our clients.

At Abacasys, we are recognized for our technological prowess, agile development processes, and a highly skilled team committed to delivering excellence. Our global presence ensures that we are always close to our clients, providing timely and efficient support to drive their success.


Leading with a Distinct


To make world-class technology accessible to everyone.


Vision Leverage technology to evolve people, perspectives, and possibilities.


Our purpose is to create an impact in the world of technology with innovation & excellence and empower people to exceed their potential, explore possibilities, and evolve further.

Brand Story

The word Abaca is derived from a species of banana plant native to the Philippines. Being a fibrous plant, it is braided to make strong ropes. Ropes to climb new heights and hold on to.

Adapting this natural phenomenon, Abaca, as a company is doing all duties of the rope that provides support to businesses in attaining success and helps companies integrate and organize their business processes and grow. Our services are like knots of rope that act as a ladder of success for your business.

Our Ever-Evolving Journey

Abaca’s journey began in 2006 with an aim to pave a way for companies across the world to reach the pinnacle of success. Our journey has been as exceptional as each milestone we have achieved.

What Sets Us Apart?

Experience: With a proven track record since 2006, we have the expertise to leverage technology for your success.

Unparalleled Service: We leverage the power of technology to build sustainable software outcomes

Result-Oriented Approach: Everything we do centers around adding value to your company

Agility: We respond to ‘change’ quickly & surface your message above all the noise

Technology & Innovation: Emerging technology trends & solutions help us develop futuristic strategies for you

Creative: We take creative-with strategy approach to generate higher ROI

Process: We listen, plan, create, execute, measure, & optimize to deliver best-suited solutions

Engagement: Our well-defined hierarchy at various engagement levels drive better client relations

Enterprises: High-grade software services for enterprises to enhance the level of productivity

We help convert your ideas into real-time applications

Ideal Infrastructure

Ideal Infrastructure

All our offices come with video conferencing, separate calling areas, fast internet leased lines, and fully stocked pantries giving the team the comfort they deserve and performing to the best.

Abaca Culture

The Culture

We recruit well-versed professionals, proficient in English language, to ensure there’s no room for communication barriers. We have many years of experience working with global companies.

Resource on Demand

Team & Offices in india

Having an offshore team gives you a competitive edge. Besides saving on human resource costs, you also save on office rental, administration costs and the learning curve of technology.

Sunil Dhawan CEO Abacasys

From the CEO's Desk

Abaca was ideated to help businesses worldwide grow exponentially by edifying their functionality with high-end technology solutions. We provide our clients with unparalleled services pertaining to outsourced product development, custom software, Oracle consulting, ERP & CRM solutions, remote resources on demand, AI-based digital marketing, and online branding. Our proficient team of talented, tech-savvy members leaves no stone unturned to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We don’t just know, we understand the technology and how to use it to your advantage.

Our Business is to help you grow your Business

Sunil Dhawan CEO,

Abaca Systems

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