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Leading to assist businesses worldwide in building captivating, custom, enterprise-grade software, we use the best technology, follow the best practices and leverage the potential of the top 1% tech talent. Our versatile team constantly adapts and evolves to meet the unique requirements of our clients and deliver beyond expectations.


Our Software Development Services

We assist businesses of all kinds to achieve their unique goals
via our end-to-end custom software development solutions.


Outsource with Abaca to Keep Up with the Fast Pace of Technology

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with our expert consulting services.

Team up with Abaca to gain a technological edge and competitive advantage. Gain access to the top 1% of tech talent, best-in-class technology, and achieve accelerated digital transformation.

Our Forte

Custom software development

Software testing

Cloud computing

Mobile & web development

Maintenance & support

Blockchain consulting

Data Science

Internet of things

What makes Abaca the Ideal

A well-informed decision is a right decision. Know what
makes Abaca the right choice for you.

Effective Communication
& Workflow

Our versatile team is fluent in the English language and ensures error-free communication & a smooth workflow.

Top Tech

We find, recruit and retain the perfect IT Talent for your business. Outsource to gain access to unmatched skill, dedication, and efficiency.


We have the ideal infrastructure that enables our team to perform to the best of their abilities, edified with the best of technology and amenities.

Time Zone

Stay ahead of time and have your work done while you sleep. Allot projects by the evening and we'll get it done by the time you wake up.

Full Spectrum of

Abaca is the one-stop solution for all your IT requirements. We offer a wide range of services pertaining to software development and more.


We follow standardized protocols to ensure you of complete cyber security and privacy.


With 16+ years of experience, we know exactly how technology can work for you. Our client reviews speak for us.

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Most Sought-after Software Technologies

Most in-demand software technologies that you can use to
your advantage...


Artificial intelligence

Cloud computing

QA & testing

Mobile Apps

Data Analytics

Internet of things

UI/UX design


Remote Teams

Collaborate with our Remote Development Teams that can work for you from anywhere around the world. We use advanced project management tools and cloud applications to ensure you the best, fast-paced results.


Dual Shore Teams

Our Dual Shore Teams will be present on-site as well as offshore as and when needed. Have technologically competent professionals work for you in your workspace collaboratively with your in-house team or from miles away.


Rapid Application Development Tools In 2023

Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools like Oracle APEX and Cloud Development are ruling the world of Software due to their effectiveness in developing high-performance software faster, with lesser code. These low-code development platforms enable one to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere.

Leading industries are inclining towards rapid application development tools to stay ahead of time and their competition.

Is Outsourcing a Good Alternative to In-house Software Development?

Outsourcing software is cost efficacious, gives you access to an enormous talent pool, offers round-the-clock service, and assures you of high-quality products. It is definitely a good alternative to in-house software development.