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Abaca: Right Choice for Cloud Applications Development

With +16 years of hands-on experience in Oracle APEX, Abaca has built unique, enterprise-grade applications for our clients worldwide.

At Abaca, we build, deploy and support powerful & secure Oracle APEX applications with the help of our experienced team of Oracle APEX Developers, and DBAs under the guidance of knowledgeable managers, who ensure you high-grade and high-performance products with no scope for error.

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Use Cases of Oracle APEX

Build or extend enterprise Applications

  • Quickly build custom mission-critical apps
  • Extend ERPs and other enterprise software
  • Provide organization-specific dashboards and reports
  • Improved workflows
  • Enhance data capture, corporate data reporting and maintenance
  • Meet non-standard or industry-specific requirements
  • Integrate disparate data sources
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of users
  • Leverage enterprise features of Oracle Autonomous

Modern-looking Mobile/Web Applications

Oracle APEX is a powerful tool that can help you build modern-looking mobile and web applications. It comes with its own set of tools to build mobile and web applications, which are often referred to as mobile apps or web apps. Oracle APEX has been designed to provide developers with low-code tools required to develop rich and interactive mobile applications that meet the demands of today's consumers. This includes application performance and user experience (UX) as well as support for multiple operating systems, including Android, iPhone and iPad.

Oracle forms

  • APEX is the natural evolution of Forms
  • Both based on SQL and PL / SQL
  • Re-use DB packages, procedures, functions
  • Easily train Forms developers to develop on APEX
  • Proof-of-concept using a subset of Forms apps
  • Organization-wide apps, rather than back-office
  • External apps for customers/partners
  • Mobile-first apps
  • Meet new requirements

Make your Slow-running
Apps Faster

Oracle APEX is a fantastic tool for improving the performance of your applications. It can help you make your slow-running apps faster by creating new databases, tables and indexes. Oracle APEX can also create more efficient queries and reduce the number of rows returned from the database. This can help improve response time for your web applications.

Build Rapid Mobile

The Oracle APEX is a rapid application development (RAD) framework that allows you to easily build mobile applications. It offers a robust suite of features like data-driven forms, a rich client interface, and mobile data management. The Oracle APEX framework will enable you to create customizable and flexible apps that can be used on multiple platforms. The framework also provides support for an extensive range of mobile devices. You can build apps using Java, JSP, or PL/SQL languages and deploy them on Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.

Scale with the lightening speed and agility of cloud using our
end-to-end Cloud Development Services

Global companies are today
leveraging Oracle APEX on Oracle Cloud

Build enterprise apps 20x faster with 100x less code with Oracle APEX

Comprehensive Oracle
APEX Services

Oracle APEX on Oracle Cloud

APEX Installation &

We help you get started with best practice-based installations and configuration on Windows, Linux, or AWS cloud.

User Interface for
Oracle APEX

High-end user interface and modern web applications without requiring extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, that will help your end users engage with your Application.


Rapid and custom application development service for your internal data-intensive projects with an easy way of access through the Web.


There is a lot of planning with upgrading the underlying database and APEX components involved before you can move your application. Let our expert Oracle APEX DBAs help you with your upgrade.

Infrastructure Support

Oracle APEX DBAs with knowledge of Oracle Database, Oracle APEX, and supporting Application servers. Abaca's team has certified Oracle APEX DBA for all major environments.


Get high-performing & functional websites for high conversions developed, deployed, and maintained by Abaca Systems.


Abaca will integrate Oracle APEX with your existing applications so that you can push and pull data from APEX web pages giving immediate web interfacing to your application.


Using Oracle APEX, you will be able to pull data to do analytical reporting from your existing data in an easier web-based interface in a self-service environment.

New Data Entry

You can add new web and mobile-based data entry forms for your existing application quickly to extend your application to multiple locations using cloud technology.


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What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Third-Party Oracle APEX Support

Optimize investment in Oracle APEX with Abaca's third-party support. Our experienced Oracle APEX experts will provide end-to-end support to you, as and when you need it. It will not only reduce the total cost of maintenance and support for Oracle Software drastically but also free up your in-house IT capacity to focus on other strategic priorities.

Managed Services for Oracle APEX

Abaca provides comprehensive 24/7 Oracle product lifecycle management which includes provisioning, management, patching, backups, maintenance, and access control. Our team of Oracle APEX experts supervised by highly experienced leaders ensure everything runs smoothly for yo

Consulting Service for Oracle APEX

Abaca's Oracle Consultants will help you make the decision easier by doing the heavy lifting. From architecture and design to migration and deployment, our Oracle APEX experts will lay out the perfect plan for you and guide you every step of the way

Have a Unique Idea for an App?
Let's Turn it into Reality Using Oracle APEX

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What Makes Abaca the Ideal
Oracle APEX Partner?

Expertise and

With 16+ years of industry experience, delivering solutions in leading technologies, Abaca Systems has an unmatched depth and breadth of expertise in Oracle Cloud. We have in us what you are looking for in your cloud computing company, including ample experience with leading cloud providers - Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud.

Cloud Professionals

We have in our company expert Oracle APEX professionals who have proven their expertise by obtaining relevant certifications. Not just certifications, our team also has years of experience in handling complex cloud-based projects. From cloud migration to modernization, our experts can guide you at every step – planning, implementation, and management.

Reliability and

Our experts design and build fault-tolerant architectures for your cloud applications and also recommend application performance management practices for high app reliability. Our experts also follow the use of encryption and component-level security to prevent cyber threats. At Abaca we ensure that our client's information is secure and protected with our best security practices.


At Abaca our cloud application development services are 100% transparent and maintain better trust with clients to fulfill their requirements. Our cloud-based development services are fully customized according to your business needs and requirements.

Timely Delivery

Our Oracle APEX development company in India values time and works dedicatedly in order to deliver the project on time with the highest quality. Our team uses the best tools and industry practices to accelerate project timelines while ensuring high-quality code.

  • 16+ Years of Hands-on Experience with Oracle APEX
  • End-to-End Assistance, 24×7 Support
  • Proactive Maintenance Support
  • Team of Technical Experts to Rely on
  • Business Scalability Guarantee
  • Quicker Issue Resolutions
  • No Minimum Commitments
  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Business Driven Results

Client Reviews

Mr. Brad Parker

LA-Z-BOY Portland

Hey team Abaca, Greetings from Portland, Oregon. I just wanna take a minute to say thank you for all your hard work, you are amazing.

Mr. Doug Rein

Founder, Floorboard LLC

We used Abaca to migrate to AWS Oracle RDS service. We found that they have subject matter experts in almost all the areas we needed on AWS.

Mr. Kal Sadra

Director, Jussforms Ace Pvt. Ltd.

Abaca understands the unique requirements of each client and goes beyond expectations to deliver the best-suited solutions.

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