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Eastman’s key objective was to expand the global market by forging franchise and distributor partnerships across 45 countries.

Eastman Cast & Forge Limited – Expanding Global Reach through Franchise/Distributorship Leads with Abaca AIM

About the Company

Eastman Cast & Forge Limited is a prominent supplier of hand tools to leading
automotive companies in India.

With a focus on quality and innovation, they have earned a strong reputation in the
automotive industry.

What Was the Client’s Requirement?

Eastman’s key objective was to expand the global market by forging franchise and
distributor partnerships across 45 countries.

They focused on attracting potential investors keen on the dealership and
distributorship opportunities for their esteemed hand tools products.

Through a strategic and targeted approach, Eastman aimed to establish a robust
international presence, leveraging the interests of prospective investors in the
automotive industry. By successfully executing the campaign, they sought to
widen their market reach and enhance business growth on a global scale.

What Challenges We Faced?

Here are the significant challenges we faced

Geographic Diversity: Expanding into 45 countries presented challenges
adapting to diverse markets.

Precise Audience Identification: Identifying the right target audience in each
country requires thorough research.

Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding preferences and interests in different regions
demands cultural awareness.

Compelling Messaging: Creating messaging resonating with each audience was
essential for engagement.

Lead Volume: Generating and managing a significant volume of leads required
streamlined processes.

Efficient Lead Tracking: Tracking and monitoring lead progress demand an
effective lead management system.

Optimization: Continuous adjustments and optimizations were necessary to
maximize campaign performance.

Language and Communication: Overcoming language barriers for effective
communication with audiences.

Market Research: Conduct comprehensive market research to tailor strategies to
specific regions.

Global Coordination: Ensuring seamless coordination between teams and
campaigns across countries.

What Was Our Strategy?

Precise Audience Targeting

The success of any marketing campaign lies in reaching the right audience. We
began by conducting thorough research to identify potential clients and
businesses actively seeking opportunities to invest in distributorships.

Compelling Creatives and Messaging

Once the target audience was defined, the next crucial step was to craft
compelling creatives and messaging. We designed visually appealing ad creatives
highlighting the unique offerings of Eastman’s hand tools products.

Device-Specific Campaigns

In the digital era, users access content through various devices. To gauge the
effectiveness of our campaigns across different platforms, we ran separate
campaigns for desktop and mobile users.

Continuous Review and Optimization

Our work continued after the launch of the campaigns. We continuously monitored
the performance of each ad and collected valuable insights.
KISS Strategy

Leveraging Abaca AIM

We utilized Abaca AIM, our proprietary lead and sales management system,
to streamline lead management and marketing insights to maximize ROI. This
comprehensive tool allowed us to centralize lead data from various social media
campaigns and Google, making tracking and managing leads easier.

Through Abaca AIM, we could segment and prioritize leads, set up
automated follow-up reminders, and provide detailed reports on lead performance
and campaign effectiveness.

What Were The Results?

  • Project Duration: Four months
  • Budget: Rs 10,00,000
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Results

Impact on Market Expansion

  • New Distributors Established: In 34 countries
  • Time to Establish Distributors:
  • Within a single quarter

Total Leads Generated: 5052 Average Cost Per Lead: Rs 197

Ontinued Growth

  • Further Market Expansion: Continued venture into additional locations
  • Strengthened Global Presence: Increased reach and market penetration

Key Factors in Success

  • Precise audience Targeting: Carefully identify potential investors interested in
    franchise and dealership opportunities.
  • Compelling Creatives and Messaging: Visually appealing ads with clear and
    engaging messaging to attract enquiring parties.
  • Device-Specific Campaigns: Separate campaigns for desktop and mobile users to
    optimize performance and user experience.
  • Continuous Review and Optimization: Regular monitoring and adjustments based
    on performance insights to maximize results.
  • KISS Strategy: Emphasis on simplicity and clarity in the campaign approach for
    better audience resonance.

Business Impact

  • Rapid Market Penetration: Successful lead generation facilitated quick entry into
    new markets.
  • Increased Sales Opportunities: A substantial volume of leads provided a pool of
    potential customers for Eastman.
  • Enhanced Global Reputation: Establishing distributors in multiple countries
    enhanced the company’s global reputation.
  • Sustainable Growth: Continued expansion into additional locations ensured
    ongoing business growth and success.

To Sum Up

The successful collaboration between Eastman Cast & Forge Limited and Abaca
Digital AIM demonstrated the power of seamless digital solutions in achieving
global expansion goals. Implementing targeted campaigns, combined with the
efficiency of Abaca AIM’s lead management system, empowered Eastman to
expand its market reach, attract potential investors, and open new distributorships
across the globe. This case study highlights the importance of strategic digital
marketing and effective lead management in accomplishing ambitious business

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