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Abacasys Transforms ZeeZippers’ Oracle 9i to Oracle 21

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Abacasys Transforms ZeeZippers' Oracle 9i to Oracle 21

ZeeZippers, a leading manufacturer of high-quality zippers, encountered significant performance challenges with their existing legacy system running on Oracle Database 9i. The system, primarily powered by Oracle Forms and Reports, struggled to meet the growing demands of their operations. To address these issues, ZeeZippers engaged Abacasys, a renowned IT solutions provider, to upgrade their system to Oracle APEX running on Oracle Database 21, leveraging the scalability and flexibility of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Client Overview:

ZeeZippers has been a key player in the zipper manufacturing industry, catering to a diverse clientele across various sectors including apparel, luggage, and accessories. Their legacy system, based on Oracle Database 9i, supported critical business processes but was plagued by performance bottlenecks, hindering productivity and scalability.


Performance Issues: The legacy system struggled to handle the increasing volume of data and user transactions, leading to sluggish response times and system crashes.

Outdated Technology: Oracle Database 9i, coupled with Oracle Forms and Reports, lacked modern features and functionalities, limiting ZeeZippers’ ability to adapt to evolving business needs.

Scalability Concerns: With the business expanding rapidly, the existing infrastructure was unable to scale effectively to accommodate growing demands, posing a significant challenge for future growth.


Abacasys proposed a comprehensive solution to address ZeeZippers’ challenges by upgrading their system to Oracle APEX running on Oracle Database 21, hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
The key components of the solution included:

Database Migration: Migrating data and schema from Oracle Database 9i to Oracle Database 21, ensuring a seamless transition without data loss or downtime.

Application Modernization: Transforming legacy Oracle Forms and Reports into modern, web-based applications using Oracle APEX, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Cloud Hosting: Leveraging the scalability and reliability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for hosting the upgraded system, ensuring optimal performance and availability.

Performance Optimization: Implementing best practices and performance tuning techniques to maximize the efficiency and responsiveness of the system, addressing the performance issues faced by ZeeZippers.

Implementation Timeline:

The entire project, from initial planning to final deployment, spanned a period of 6 to 8 months.


The successful implementation of Abacasys’ solution yielded significant benefits for ZeeZippers:

Improved Performance: The upgraded system demonstrated remarkable improvements in performance, with faster response times and enhanced scalability, enabling ZeeZippers to handle increased workload efficiently.

Enhanced User Experience: The modernized interfaces and web-based applications provided by Oracle APEX improved usability and accessibility, leading to higher user satisfaction and productivity.

Scalability and Flexibility: Leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, ZeeZippers gained the ability to scale their resources dynamically, accommodating future growth and expansion seamlessly.

Cost Savings: By migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure and modernizing their applications, ZeeZippers achieved cost savings through reduced maintenance overheads and improved resource utilization.


The successful upgrade of ZeeZippers’ legacy system to Oracle APEX running on Oracle Database 21, hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, represents a significant milestone in their digital transformation journey. With Abacasys’ expertise and innovative solutions, ZeeZippers now has a robust, high-performance system that not only meets their current needs but also provides a scalable platform for future growth and innovation in the competitive zipper manufacturing industry.

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