Choosing Between Oracle APEX and Traditional Web Development

Oracle APEX
Choosing Between Oracle APEX and Traditional Web Development

Oracle APEX vs. Traditional Web Development

Oracle APEX is a product from Oracle Corporation, and it is a widely used program that makes it accessible for people to build their websites and applications without much coding, as Oracle does all the technical processing for you.
Oracle APEX and traditional web development tools are two sides of the same coin. They are both programs that are used in order to build a website or create mobile applications from the ground up. While they both are used for similar purposes, the way they are implemented and used is quite different.
Here are some of the brief differences between the two website-building processes: Oracle APEX and traditional web development.

Traditional Tools:

  • When you are building a website using traditional web development tools, you start with coding your website, which can be done through HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and others. Based on the overall experience of the web developer, they would also use other programs, such as Java, Python, etc.
  • It’s manual work, where the developer has control over each and every single component of the website and the mobile application, which requires a good amount of time to build the website from the ground up.

Oracle APEX:

  • It is a visual interface where users can use a simple drag-and-drop method in order to make the websites and applications of their own liking while providing you with the exact same results compared to using traditional web development tools but in less time.
  • Oracle APEX also integrates well with the Oracle Database. If your company uses Oracle Database, then Oracle APEX works in tandem with the software in order to provide a much more efficient process of using the data and integrating it well with the website or the application that you are developing.
  • This is one of the key reasons why Oracle APEX is such a popular low-code application platform that is used around the world, as it helps a lot of businesses make sure their websites are up and running without a lot of delays, and it provides its customer base with a with a lot of freedom without much compromise from their end.
    • Traditional web development tools are still prevalent and are still in use. It has its own target audience for use, as those tools help lay the foundation for programs like Oracle APEX to build and grow.

      However, in today’s day and age, Oracle APEX does provide a lot of resources in a much more accessible manner that aids people, who are not coders, to build their own websites and applications without much experience.

      While Oracle APEX does help a lot of people in making their website or application, it still requires learning and understanding of the product. That is where our company comes into play, as we help your business grow by using various Oracle products.

      At Abacasys, we offer our customers a wide range of Oracle services that are custom-made to best suit their needs. These are just some of the Oracle services that we offer with the help of our team members and architects:

      Oracle APEX (Application Express)

      • With the aid of Oracle APEX, we can create great, scalable, and secure websites for your businesses.
      • We offer services such as the concept art of the website, the overall deployment of the website, and its maintenance as well.

      Oracle VBCS (Visual Builder Cloud Service)

      • With the help of VBCS, our team will be able to quickly create web and mobile applications for your business.
      • Our team uses VBCS to create applications that are quick and responsive to use.

      Oracle Cloud

      • With Oracle Cloud, we can help create a comprehensive roadmap for shifting your data to a secure cloud service, such as Oracle Cloud.
      • We make the overall transition of the data shifting to the cloud as smooth as possible without much disruption, regardless of your current systems.

      Oracle Remote DBA (Database Administrator) Support

      • With the aid of Remote DBA Support, you can rest assured that we will handle all your database needs remotely.
      • We help in making sure the overall database of your company is securely kept and maintained with quick access to any needs.

      These are just some of the Oracle services that Abacasys has to offer to help your business create a smooth digital transformation.

      At Abacasys, our business is to help you grow your business, and we are here to commit to that.

      With the aid of Oracle APEX and its other products, we are sure that we here at Abacasys can provide a great service to your business.

      If you found this article helpful, then do contact us so that we can help your business grow exponentially and curate a plan based on your business’s current needs.