Addicted to Oracle APEX? Us Too: 10 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

Oracle APEX
Addicted to Oracle APEX us too. 10 reasons we just can't stop

Are you hooked on Oracle APEX? You’re not alone!
Many of us find ourselves unable to break away from this powerful platform, and here’s why.
From its user-friendly interface to its robust functionality, Oracle APEX offers a seamless experience for building web applications. Its rapid development capabilities mean you can bring ideas to life in record time. Plus, with its low-code approach, even those without extensive programming knowledge can create impressive apps.
Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, Oracle APEX has something for everyone.
So, join us as we explore ten compelling reasons why we simply can’t get enough of it!

#1 Declarative Development Framework

Oracle APEX and Forms both offer powerful declarative features for application development. With APEX, adding pages to your application is a breeze, whether from scratch or using intuitive wizards similar to those in Forms.
The Page Designer in APEX allows for easy modification of component properties and attributes, simplifying the development process. Transitioning from Forms to APEX is seamless, making it effortless for developers to adapt to this new framework.

#2 Productivity

APEX is a natural fit for Forms developers, but even newcomers will find it easy to learn and use, leading to increased productivity in a matter of days.
The APEX Development Team continuously enhances the platform with features designed to streamline development. The Create Page Wizard simplifies the addition of components and features to applications, while the Quick SQL feature generates SQL code efficiently.
The inclusion of the Monaco Editor improves the coding experience, and the Embedded Code utility allows for easy inspection of SQL, PL/SQL, and JavaScript within APEX applications.

#3 Database-centric Development

Many business applications rely heavily on data, making APEX and Forms popular choices for back-office systems. With APEX, developers can quickly build applications based on table definitions, similar to Forms.
Forms, reports, charts, grids, and more can be easily created based on tables, views, or SQL queries. Additionally, APEX facilitates the integration and synchronization of remote data with local databases through REST data sources, expanding the platform’s capabilities.

#4 Business Logic

APEX seamlessly integrates with existing business logic written in server-side PL/SQL, allowing developers to leverage their existing investments. PL/SQL packages, functions, and procedures can be directly incorporated into APEX applications, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient use of resources. Developers can invoke PL/SQL procedures upon user actions, validate data before submission, and enhance client interactivity using dynamic actions.

#5: No client software is required

Unlike traditional development environments, APEX doesn’t require any client software for development or deployment.
Developers only need a modern web browser to model database objects, load data, create REST interfaces, build applications, and deploy them.
Furthermore, APEX applications are fully responsive, ensuring compatibility across various devices without additional effort.

#6: Leverage Your Skills

The primary languages used in APEX development are SQL and PL/SQL, making it accessible to developers with these skills.
For Forms developers, there’s no need to learn a new language; they can leverage their existing expertise to create responsive and secure applications.
Additionally, with the introduction of JavaScript support in Oracle Database 21c, developers have even more flexibility in choosing the right language for their projects.

#7 Cloud-Ready

APEX is cloud-ready, which means any applications developed on any device can be smoothly transferred and run on the cloud without the need for modification.
It does not matter if you work on-premises or in the Oracle Cloud; APEX ensures consistent development and deployment experiences.
By having features such as Autonomous Database and APEX Service, developers can develop and deploy apps quickly, therefore eliminating the headache of installation and configuration.

#8 Oracle Database Integration

Both Forms and APEX are developed on top of the Oracle Database, making native database features easily accessible for developers.
Options such as real application clusters (RAC), high availability (HA), and end-to-end security make the APEX applications more reliable and secure.
Further, Oracle Database has the support of a multitude of data types, which include relational, JSON, graph, spatial, text, and blockchain, allowing developers to build all kinds of applications using SQL.

#9: Productivity with Choice

Oracle Database 21c introduces the Multilingual Engine (MLE), enabling developers to execute JavaScript code natively within the database.
This native support for JavaScript extends to APEX applications, giving developers the choice to use PL/SQL or JavaScript for procedural logic.
With this flexibility, developers can choose the language that best suits their requirements and skills, ensuring productivity without compromise.

#10: The Community

One of the most compelling reasons to choose APEX is its vibrant community. With tens of thousands of users and hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide, the APEX community is a valuable resource for beginners and experienced developers alike. Community-driven platforms like provide support, resources, and networking opportunities for developers of all levels. Additionally, numerous consulting companies specialize in APEX development, further enriching the ecosystem.
With regular conferences and recognition from industry leaders like Gartner, the APEX community continues to thrive and innovate.

To Wrap Up

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