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Bulwark Health

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Bulwark Health

About the project:

Bulwark Health is an app aimed at maximizing the value of the data. It simplifies value-based reimbursements in Medicare, Medicaid, ACO, and Commercial Risk Adjustment through unique and proprietary clinical AI-enabled claims data HCC analytics engine RAQ+ and RAF+.


Protect RAF Revenues

Enable Clinical Insights

Audit-proof the data for submissions

Accurate HCC recapture

Minimize errors in HCC recapture & reporting

Problem/ Idea:

The problem with the existing health data app was that many loopholes were causing data discrepancies. But we have focused on the security and accuracy of data for the client. The idea of using a hierarchical model was given to the client to maintain the users, Super admin will have the right to give the page permissions.


Initially, a timeline of 3 months was given to deliver a small-scale project with limited features. But now the project has expanded and is still ongoing with regular updations.

The application has successfully turned into a big well-known project.


Manpower: Managers, coordinators, oracle APEX developers, graphic designers, QAs, DBAs

Technologies used: Oracle APEX, Oracle DB 11G, python, SFTP


A major roadblock has been uploading the vast amount of data accurately to leave no room for error in the stringent timeframe. However, it is all well managed.

Methodology- AGILE

Agile methodology was used to complete the tasks on time. Regular sprints were conducted, and the demo of the development done during that sprint was given to the client by recording videos.


Even though the project is still in the development phase, the client has already been able to acquire new users of the application and a considerable increase in revenue, which has been a significant achievement

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