8 Things Every Beginner Oracle DBA Should Know

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8 Things Every Beginner Oracle DBA Should Know

If you are contemplating a career as an Oracle DBA or want to hire an Oracle DBA, we’ve got a quick read for you!

Many Organizations rely on Oracle database administrators to maintain their Databases and manage their data securely and efficiently, with no room for error. Know what you should know to become a successful Oracle DBA!

What is the Oracle Database Management System, and why is it important for organizations?

An Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system commonly used for running online transaction processing, data warehousing, mixed database workloads. Organizations use Database Management Systems to store and retrieve voluminous and complex data that cannot be managed by just maintaining spreadsheets. Databases are highly scalable & designed to communicate with other applications making them suitable for the web.

What is the role of an Oracle DBA? Is it crucial?

An Oracle DBA role includes capacity planning, evaluates database server hardware, installation, configuration, design, data migration, performance monitoring, security, backups, troubleshooting & data recovery. So yes, it is crucial. An Oracle DBA is responsible for maintaining the data integrity of an organization.

What are the prerequisites for becoming an Oracle DBA?

One of the main prerequisites of becoming an Oracle DBA is acquiring a bachelor’s degree in computer programming. However, that is not enough; an Oracle DBA needs to be highly skilled to excel in this field. Advanced knowledge of computing and business environments is key to becoming a successful Oracle DBA.

Are you an aspiring Oracle DBA or planning to hire one?

If yes, let us help you become well-versed with the basics of an Oracle DBA’s roles and responsibilities. We have enlisted eight aspects of Oracle Database Management you should ace to become a successful Oracle DBA.

Installation and Configuration

Knowing the fundamentals like the Oracle installation & configuration procedures is key to becoming a successful Oracle DBA. Practical experience is a plus. The installing process for Oracle across different OS can be very different, with distinct peculiarities. Try to grasp as much knowledge and practical experience you can.

Monitoring and Tuning

Ensuring the error-free performance of an Oracle Database is pivotal. An Oracle DBA needs to understand & detect the possibility of any errors & figure out necessitate solutions.

Back up and Recovery

Ensuring continuity and availability of the database is an Oracle DBA’s prime responsibility. Many organizations use KPIs based on the mean availability time between failures of evaluating the performance of DBAs. Mastering the skills required for ensuring database availability is crucial.

Basic understanding of database security issues

As an Oracle DBA, knowing the intricacies of security issues can give you an advantageous edge. Make yourself aware of the nominal particularities like roles, profiles, user accounts, objects, system-level privileges & SQL injection.

Database Design

Acquire knowledge about the basics of database design to eliminate the possibility of errors and avoid costly modifications in the structure. Understand the concept of database design to know what data must be stored and how the data elements interrelate.

Good Knowledge of DBMS Series of Packages

Understand the purpose behind the DBS series of packages that are available with Oracle. These packages edify Oracle’s functionality and make it possible for a DBA to use PL/SQL with standard features. Fill in on the distinct packages and become well-versed with their functionality to gain an edge.

Command over SQL and PL/SQL

Gain command over SQL & PL/SQL to create jobs or stored procedures. It helps one to query underlying system tables to improve efficiency and become a successful DBA. Familiarizing oneself with PL/SQL will also enable a DBA to read scripts and fine-tune queries.

Wizards & GUI vs. command line

To ensure increased productivity and quicker results, become proficient in Wizards and GUI tools bundled with DBMS. An expert Oracle BBA should also know how to effectively use the PowerShell command or write raw SQL if the Wizards does not provide the needful support.

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