A few effective reasons to invest in Oracle Apex Development

Oracle APEX Development
A few effective Reasons to Invest in Oracle Apex Development

If you are planning to get hands-on experience with Oracle APEX, you must know every nitty-gritty detail about its development. And, this blog is all about enriching you about this low-code application development platform. 

Oracle Application Express or Oracle Apex enables users to create secure, scalable enterprise apps with incredible capabilities that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. If you seek to get attractive apps quickly created and deployed that can solve real problems, Oracle Apex is your safest bet. 

The best part is that you do not even have to be experts in various technologies for delivering sophisticated solutions. With little to no programming knowledge or expertise, anyone can create durable, scalable, and secure web applications that look professional. 

Why Choose Oracle APEX? 

Want to bring instant value to your organization and solve actual business problems? Oracle APEX is the way to go. From a mission-critical app to the most basic program meant to convert a spreadsheet into a web app, this platform can be used by tens of thousands of people every day. 

Eliminates Complexity 

Low-code application development with Oracle APEX is much more than simply reducing the amount of code necessary to build amazing applications. It is designed to eliminate complexity in all aspects. Here are a few things APEX eliminates altogether:

  • Mapping between rational and application objects 
  • Remote procedure call complexity 
  • Proliferation of database connections
  • Middle-tier application logic
  • Complexity of high-availability and disaster recovery 

These complexities are much more common when developing applications with other platforms. There is no other platform like Oracle APEX that can help you reduce all complexities. 

Simpler, Faster & More Streamlined Development 

The development with data-driven Oracle APEX typically begins with a spreadsheet or data model. In this platform, applications are developed in a low-code browser-based environment. It eliminates 98% of hand coding. 

While most middle-tier apps work by defining application data structures to hold, converting, interacting, and maintaining data flow between the app to the database, APEX eliminates such complexity altogether. 

Moreover, APEX eliminates the complexity of remote APIs for a large variety of use cases. As the application is not architected as distributed components, remote calls to the database are eliminated. 

Light-Weight & Low-Cost 

You might think that running an application in the database is heavyweight and expensive, but when it comes to APEX, it counterintuitively is lighter-weight and low cost. Running applications on APEX consumes far fewer resources than other middle-tier applications. 

Most of the middle-tier platforms deploy three containers per microservice for achieving higher availability, with each container requiring compute and considerable memory. Oracle APEX is serverless and stateless and the runtime application store is stored in tables. This ensures that the connections can be reused across users, thereby fewer connections. 

Easy Deployment

When compared to middle-tier applications, development with Oracle APEX is super easy and convenient. Deploying both the app and the data in the database is dramatically simpler in APEX. 

  • Eliminates Complexity of Middle-tiers

With APEX, you don’t need to design, develop, or manage complex middle-tiers. Everything is in the database. 

  • Eliminates Complexity of Database Management

There is no need for DevOps or DBA to manage your database with Oracle Autonomous Database. 

  • Eliminates Complexity of HA and DR

As there is no state in the middle-tier, failover automatically happens within the database. 

Tight Integration with Oracle Database

Oracle APEX engine runs within Oracle Database thereby enabling it to be robust, scalable, and secure. Oracle Database functionality enables the high-availability features like failover and redundancy. Additionally, Oracle APEX can tap into built-in database security features like database Vault. 

Enhanced Portability 

The best thing about this platform is that deployers can build and deploy APEX applications anywhere. The database trends to run on-premise, private cloud or a public one, thereby enabling easy migration of applications between environments hosted with cloud providers. 

Improved Productivity 

The Oracle APEX Development team has added a plethora of features for simplifying and enhancing the developer experience over the years. The application features a robust, browser-based, and easy interface that will take you through creating your applications. The strong components of the platform allow you to add high-level functionality to your apps. 


There is no denying the fact that Oracle APEX is an excellent development platform for every industry and has proven to be exceptionally effective in business procedures. APEX is safe, user-friendly, and is unmatched. Investing in Oracle APEX development can be the best choice you make for your business. 

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