Use our world-class, easy-to-start, online ERP platform and gain a competitive edge by enhancing your business operations, including inventory, financial, production and HR. Presenting Abaca Precision, one tool to completely digitize and revolutionize your business.

Off-the-shelf Excellence, Easy Personalization

Best-in-class and industry-specific features that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of your growing company. With fast-track deployment and a robust, scalable, and secure framework, Precision ERP is pure excellence.

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Much more than an ERP, a platform that is upgraded automatically and is customizable as per your unique business needs.

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Rethink your business in an easy, friendly and always on mode. No more dependency on anyone.

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Reliable military-grade security that is trusted by banks, e-commerce giants, and even by several defense agencies.



Our pricing is straightforward and affordable. However, pricing accurately requires a brief discussion with a Project Consultant.

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The perfect blend of modules to simplify new demands and set everyone up for success.


Get control over stock leakage with real-time inventory control at each stage of stock movement including ordering, receiving, quality checking, issue, return and replacement.


Power up your purchase process by issuing competitive purchase orders from multiple vendors and receiving goods against them. Keep track of your payables, vendor ratings and accounts.


Receive orders and fulfill them through production or finished good stock, managing each stage including store requisition, packing, dispatch, and invoicing.


A powerful and integrated financial accounting system that works effortlessly. All the invoices, bills, payments, credit/debit notes are auto-posted with approval to give ready accounting reports instantly.


A unique module that is suitable for all industry domains with AbacaApps configurable workflows. Now, create your own screens, data fields and flows without a need for long implementations. Powerful productivity reports for manpower, machinery and processes.

HR & Payroll

A unique module that is suitable for all industry domains with AbacaApps configurable workflows. Now, create your own screens, data fields and flows without a need for long implementations. Powerful productivity reports for manpower, machinery and processes.

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Powerful features that help you get things done.

Self Service Reporting

Searchable MS Excel type reports and graphs that can be emailed, downloaded and saved.

Works Everywhere

Internet-based technology works on mobile, desktop and can be accessed from multiple locations.

Production Workflow Engine

Design your own workflows, screens, fields and attach to your production orders. Works with all industry domains.

Single-Click Actions

Single-click actions for posting, approvals, production start/stop, generate reports and month/year-end close.

Powerful Notification

Configurable SMS and email notifications for events like order submitted, invoiced, shipped or production status.

Always Up-to-Date

GST, TDS and other statutory updates including new features are released every month.

Frequently Asked

Here’s everything you might want to know
about Abaca Precision

Abaca Precision ERP modules can improve a company’s business performance by developing the most efficient way to plan and schedule resources and optimize productivity. AbacaApps also improves decision-making by providing information as you need it.

Typical function areas of Abaca Precision ERP include Inventory Management, Purchase and Sale, Financial Accounting, Production Management, HR and Payroll. You can also add customized modules as per your unique business requirements.

The cost of Abaca Precision ERP depends on your business size, users and modules you pick. Since Abaca Precision ERP is subscription based, you can start small and add more. Also, Abaca Precision ERP does not require investment into hardware/server purchase and IT staff as it includes everything in the package.

Abaca Precision ERP software is great for big, small, and mid-sized companies. Every organisation has its own processes and workflows whether they are big or small. Organizations of all sizes can use Abaca Precision ERP for better data analysis and reporting, this will help them in effective control and visibility of overall business activities.

You can easily transfer or convert data from any current system into Abaca Precision ERP. We can easily upload current Masters data and transaction data, making the transition from your previous system quicker and easier.

Yes, Abaca Precision ERP is designed by keeping the accounting community in mind and is accessible by your remote team from their office. You can also work jointly with the accounting team so that they can watch your data entry and help you where ever required. Some of the AbacaApps areas and reports are designed only for accounting firms.

Yes, the Enterprise version of Abaca Precision ERP is available on both, cloud and on-premises hosting. We have a deployment solution to suit all your business needs.

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