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Abacasys Brings Trucking Industry Online

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Abacasys Brings Trucking Industry Online

Business background

A-one Express is a US-based logistic company which contributes to logistics greatly with its new thinking by adapting new technology and applying the latest and modern methods in the field to help the needs of customers.


Payables, receivables & financial reporting

It includes all details regarding open & closed payables, and receivables with customized reporting to calculate the efficiency.

Invoicing & Payments

Get invoicing for every receivable with a brief description & invoice no. The payment gets very easy.

Driver & Carrier payroll

From all the personal, medical & legal information to all the licenses: Eazytrucking has every detail regarding drivers and carriers.

Equipment & Maintenance Tracking

Here you will find out every detail regarding equipment like Insurance & Inspection, Mileage, and Last locations, current and total loads, maintenance tracking, etc.

Load Tracking

It covers details of origin and destination like the name of the company, and pick-up dates with time. The best part is it covers detailed information about all the trip stops in b/w.

Powerful Search, Filtering, Download, and Email

You can search for any detail about the load, driver, drivers, customers, and equipment by their name. The one-click download is also available.


  • Eazy Trucking helps take control of the vehicle fleet in the most simplified manner.
  • From customer details to loading to trip stops to dispatch: whether it is a small business or large concern.
  • It can track costs accurately, driver information, and maintenance charges.
  • It differentiates active & non-active users which will be helpful for financial reports.
  • Eazy Trucking makes it easy to maintain the log of each piece of equipment.
  • Users don’t have to struggle with a large amount of data.


  • Different Time zones in USA and India.

The Solution

  • Managing team availability during the working hours of the clients on rotation within the team.
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