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Dynamic Forms and Reports

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Dynamic Forms and Reports

Business background

Jussforms helps to create the forms dynamically from the user end according to their needs and preferences.


  • To create a sign-up and login functionality.
  • To create a form builder, where user can create their own forms easily.
  • To send the form to the users, so that they can easily fill the form online.
  • To get the response from the user and create reports according to the responses filled by users.
  • Functionality to send the form to the user’s email and to create the URL of the form.
  • To view the response filled in by users.
  • Functionality for company and profile settings.
  • Functionality to add members to the Company.
  • The functionality of Payment gateway integration (Razor pay & Stripe).

Business Impacts

To create dynamic forms easily for small as well as big organizations according to their requirement.


To create the form builder dynamically and easy to use by the user. PDF printing of the forms and responses

The Solution

  • Understanding on the requirements at the first stage with all the documentation from the client side in the beginning only.
  • By using Ajax to fetch data dynamically without loading the page.
  • Client feedback on a weekly or bi-weekly basis after completion of each stage.
  • Alterations in the UI/UX are to be made after full-fledged development.
  • Inspection is to be done in parallel with the development.
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