Upgrade Oracle Forms and Reports with APEX

Oracle APEX Development
Upgrade Oracle Forms and Reports with APEX

Oracle forms and reports are not just tools. They’re also an integral part of your organization’s business processes. They can be used to track important metrics, manage data and provide a central place for users to access information.

However, the problem is that they can be challenging to maintain & customize. This is where APEX comes in handy. Before we go any further it is imperative to know what APEX is?

APEX is a powerful, low-code development platform that provides an array of easy-to-use templates for creating custom forms and reports in seconds without having any programming experience or knowledge about how it works. With APEX, you can create dynamic forms, tables, charts and reports that update themselves when certain conditions are met or when new data is added to them.

The next section lists the key reasons to upgrade oracle forms and reports with APEX. Let’s scroll down to find out.

Top Reasons Why Oracle APEX is Apt for Oracle Forms & Reports

1. Declarative Development Framework

Oracle APEX is a declarative development framework that provides a solid foundation for designing the core of your enterprise applications. It is designed to be a robust, cloud-based platform allowing you to build and deploy large, scalable business applications rapidly.

Oracle APEX allows developers to declare the data model, generate code from that model, and deploy it to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through an integrated development environment (IDE). The code that is generated is then deployed in OCI as an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application.

In addition to being able to build your application using declarative statements in the language of your choice, you also have access to various prebuilt components and libraries that can help streamline the development process.

2. Database-Centric Development

Oracle APEX is a database-centric development environment. In other words, you can use the tools and technology of APEX to create the forms and reports used in your applications. This makes it easier for developers to build, review and test their applications without worrying about the underlying technologies.

You can also use Oracle APEX for more advanced capabilities such as data validation, custom reports and dashboards. The relational features of APEX make it easy to perform complex queries and quickly join large volumes of data.

3. Flexibility

Oracle APEX has tremendous flexibility, making it possible to create a wide variety of applications by simply tweaking a few settings within the application itself. For example:

You can change how tables and fields are displayed in reports based on user preferences (such as the number of rows per page).

You can set up filters so users can only see certain parts of your application. This is useful when you want users only to see certain parts of your application based on their role or account type (e.g., sales vs support).

4. APEX is Cloud-Ready

APEX is cloud-ready and can be deployed on the cloud. This makes creating, editing, and managing your data in the cloud easy.

Oracle APEX is an option for organizations that want to use their existing Oracle Forms and Reports applications. Oracle has also released a new version of APEX called Oracle APEX Version 21, designed to be easier to use than previous versions of APEX.

Oracle APEX has several advantages over other BI (business intelligence) platforms such as Cognos or MicroStrategy:

  • Faster Development Cycle:- The modular architecture of Oracle APEX makes it easy to add new functionality and customize your data visualization. As a result, you can spend less time on mockups and more time building the right visualization for your business users.
  • Simplified Data Preparation:- Oracle APEX allows you to quickly transform raw data into meaningful information for your users without the need to write complex scripts or programs. This speeds up the development process and reduces costs by eliminating the need for additional resources such as programmers or analysts.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership:- Oracle APEX is much cheaper than its competitors due to its low licensing costs and its ability to leverage existing investments in RDBMS servers, databases, and other infrastructure components that are already available in many organizations.

In The End…

Oracle forms and reports are the backbone of your business. They are the most vital part of your business, but what if you want to add new features to these forms or reports? Do you have to re-code them from scratch? Well, it could be time-consuming, but with APEX, it is now possible. Abaca has a panel of experts with practical industry experience to guide you to upgrade oracle forms and reports with APEX. Our experts will help you understand the various modules available in APEX and how they can be used to improve your Oracle forms and reports. We will also show you how to set up an APEX project for developing new features for your Oracle applications.