Why Choose Oracle APEX Software Development Services for Your Next Project?

Oracle APEX Development
Oracle APEX software development services

Organizations around the world widely use the APEX platform. It can handle complex business processes, which makes it a popular choice for businesses of all types, whether they are cutting-edge high-tech startups, Fortune 500 firms, or small mid-market enterprises. Regardless of your industry or business type, you have one thing in common: You need reliable software to support your day-to-day operations. This is why the Oracle APEX Platform is highly demanded by companies of all sizes and industries. It provides the power and flexibility businesses need for their business processes.

So, Why Choose Oracle APEX?

Here are 6 practical use cases for Oracle APEX that will convince you to choose Oracle APEX software development services for your next development project:

1. Opportunistic Apps

Oracle APEX is a development platform that can be used for building any application. It’s not just limited to business applications; it can also be used for building games and other applications requiring fast market time. In Oracle APEX, developers can easily communicate with end users and implement changes and refinements in real time.

2. Spreadsheet Replacement

Oracle APEX will replace your spreadsheet application with one faster and more flexible than ever. An Oracle Database table can be automatically generated from a spreadsheet in just a few clicks, complete with a fully functional app. You can create complex formulas and charts that are easy to use and powerful enough to handle large amounts of data.

3. Oracle Forms Modernization

Oracle forms modernization is a process that allows you to create new forms and update existing forms in your organization. This is one of the most popular ways of improving the efficiency of your business. The process involves:

  • Creating new form templates.
  • Migrating them from an older version to a more recent version.
  • Updating any existing fields or functionality that needs to be changed.

4. External Data Sharing

Oracle APEX is a Software Development Platform that allows you to quickly design, develop and deploy apps for mobile devices. By integrating APEX with Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), developers may easily expose and/or consume RESTful Web Services. This enables them to declaratively build a report, chart, or calendar on top of a data source after first defining a REST endpoint.

It also supports external data sharing so the app can access data stored in another application or database. This ensures that the data is always up-to-date and secure.

5. Datamart Reporting

Datamart reporting is one of the most popular features offered by Oracle APEX software development services. Developers may quickly create relevant dashboards for different user communities by utilizing APEX and its robust reporting and data visualisation capabilities.

Datamart reporting allows developers to create reports based on different types of data such as sales, purchases, inventories, etc., which are stored in different systems across different organizations or departments within an organization or enterprise level organization like a corporation or government body, etc. This helps analyze business performance by showing key metrics, such as sales, profits, etc., on an hourly basis to keep track of trends over time across multiple periods like daily, weekly, etc.

6. SaaS and EBS Extensions

The SaaS and EBS extensions are two of the most popular Oracle APEX use case extensions. They allow the user to access their database from the cloud. The user can then access their database from any device, wherever they are.

The SaaS extension provides a completely secure environment for your data. It also provides security for your business and protects your privacy and data. This is done by encrypting all data before it is transferred to the cloud and any data that is transferred back to your computer.

The EBS extension allows you to store your data in a remote location in the cloud. This means you will not have to worry about storing your data on a hard drive or another storage device because it will be stored on someone else’s server instead. It also means that you do not need an external hard drive or server because all this information will be available at all times via the internet or some other network connection.

The Bottom Line

Abaca Systems has expertise in Oracle APEX software development services. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals that can provide you with the best Oracle APEX services.

With 16+ years of hands-on experience with Oracle APEX development, we can develop your application using our expert knowledge and skills to help you achieve your business goals.