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What is OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)? Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a service that provides access to Oracle’s cloud infrastructure through the Oracle Cloud Platform. OCI delivers on-demand, scalable and secure computing, storage, networking, and database services to customers in a single program. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows you to gain access to Oracle’s global… Continue reading Top 4 Things You Need to Know About the OCI Services

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a powerful, extensible, and cloud-based application development tool that can help you create full-featured business applications. Oracle’s APEX user community has grown significantly as businesses have realized this powerful application platform offers many benefits. This article will give you an overview of why Oracle APEX Application Development customers choose to… Continue reading Why Are Oracle APEX Customers Opting for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

The world of business planning is changing form. It’s no longer a matter of having the right plan in place. It’s a requirement that each business implements more technology that can dramatically transform its operations. Oracle Forms and Reports is a big player in today’s business planning and field operations environment. Oracle Forms and Reports… Continue reading Upgrading To Oracle Forms and Reports using APEX in 2023

Oracle APEX is an advanced web development tool. Oracle APEX can be used by both developers & non-developers as it allows ordinary users to develop complex applications using drag-and-drop technology. A characteristic of Oracle APEX is that it will enable users to manipulate data, deploy Web apps and create dynamic user interfaces within one single… Continue reading Oracle APEX Vs Traditional Web Development

Oracle Managed Services is a feature of the Oracle database that allows customers to gain access to experienced consultants who can solve common problems in small batches without disrupting production systems. Oracle Managed Services can be used at any level of complexity. They could simplify database administration by providing efficient solutions to your Business Intelligence… Continue reading 10 Benefits of Oracle Managed Services

If you are a developer or are keen on development, you would know how crucial of a platform Oracle APEX is. It is the world’s most popular low-code platform for enterprise apps. It enables you to build secure, scalable enterprise apps, with top-notch features, that can be deployed anywhere. Hiring Oracle APEX application development services can… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Choose Oracle APEX Application Development Services

If you are planning to get hands-on experience with Oracle APEX, you must know every nitty-gritty detail about its development. And, this blog is all about enriching you about this low-code application development platform.  Oracle Application Express or Oracle Apex enables users to create secure, scalable enterprise apps with incredible capabilities that can be deployed… Continue reading A few effective reasons to invest in Oracle Apex Development

It’s no news that Oracle APEX is the World’s most popular low-code platform for enterprise apps, loved by developers and businesses alike.  What is so captivating about Oracle APEX, and why are people absolutely addicted to it? That is exactly what you will conclude from this blog by Oracle APEX addicts, for Oracle APEX addicts! Before we… Continue reading Addicted to oracle APEX? Us Too. 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop

Dependable & Data-centric application development or rapid development? What is your priority? In the domain of web development, one often has to choose between two equally important aspects, browser-friendly & data-centric web applications or fast development via fast prototyping. You no longer have to choose since Oracle APEX now gives you the best of both… Continue reading Rapid Development and Beyond With Oracle APEX